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Dennis Chew: Never to tell Ghost Stories on Air?

By InCinemas  /  11 May 2012 (Friday)
Ever experienced any strange incidents when telling a ghost story in the middle of the night?

Back in the days when hosting YES 93.3FM radio program ‘Zhou Gong Jiang Gui’, Dennis Chew had to tell ghost stories in the middle of the night at the recording studio by himself. And this program was scrapped because of what he had been through...

“Initially I did the pre-recordings during the afternoons but a lot of my colleagues are quite uncomfortable with it and even told our boss if we could do other programs instead as we’re all afraid,” Dennis told us in a short interview session during the GHOST ON AIR Press Conference last Tuesday. “I was still wondering to myself if it’s really scary then, until I experience it for by myself... It is very frightening!”

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During his shift at night alone in the recording studio, Dennis felt a lot of ‘people’ around him as he spoke and it felt very suffocating and uncomfortable. Dennis drew up his shoulder with both hands on his neck as he went on. “It’s like ‘they’ are so near to me! ‘They’ are like squeezing next to me listening to my stories!”

When asked if there’s a chance he’ll revive the Ghost Telling program based on the demands of the audience and popularity of GHOST ON AIR, Dennis smiled. “Let’s just keep it to movies. There’re more people during filming, so I won’t be afraid.” But it’s not entirely impossible. “Unless I have a partner for company, or I won’t be able to do it.”

In fact, Dennis had contributed some of his stories and experience to GHOST ON AIR when he sat down with the director to talk about the movie. “Like the one about abortion. It’s because one of my listeners told me about how she kept seeing this Malay child who kept talking to her, wanting to hug her at her house every day.”

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Dennis immersed us with his storytelling skills and raised our goose bumps as he went on. “But the exorcist she hired wasn’t able to deal with the child because he was very ‘strong’.  She later engaged a Malay exorcist who revealed that the previous owner of this flat had an abortion. And the soul of the child had been living here ever since. So when she got to know of him, he was 6 years old already and he ‘mistook’ her as his ‘mother’ because she looked like a Malay,” Dennis convinced us of the story and said, “I told the director about this and we decided to have an abortion topic in the movie.”

Check out this short 30-second clip on the abortion scene in GHOST ON AIR.

GHOST ON AIR tells the story of Ping Xiao, a DJ resorting to telling ghost stories during his newly assigned timeslot at midnight. His health is at risk ever since he begins telling ghost-stories on air despite recalling a warning of not doing so from his deceased girlfriend.

GHOST ON AIR is rated PG13 (Horror) and opens InCinemas 17 May 2012.

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