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MBS Blog #1: A new 8-episode series on Marina Bay Sands premieres 31 May!

By InCinemas  /  16 May 2012 (Wednesday)

Source: The Biography Channel

Marina Bay Sands: Asia's most popular integrated resort and an icon of Singapore's skyline. With over 2500 rooms and a US$5.7 billion price tag, this integrated resort has an army 9000 strong to keep it ticking around the clock.

Marina Bay Sands 24/7, the eight episode series gives viewers an unprecedented and exclusive look into the "Heart of House" - including the underground labyrinth where the 9000 staff move unnoticed to guests and their uniforms are cleaned daily. 

We'll see the inner workings of this iconic resort through some of the key characters whose job it is to strive for perfection on a daily basis. From pulling off gala events to accommodating celebrity guests like Kobe Bryant and Elton John, Marina Bay Sands integrated resort runs like a city within this city.

In "Feeding the Masses", we dive into the kitchen as Executive Chef Christopher Christie juggles two tons of ingredients for the biggest sit-down dinner ever held on the property. 

In "Runway Rendezvous", we follow events manager Charlie Fisher as she turns an empty hall into a Parisian fashion show for the rich and famous. 

In "Flower Power", we watch the drama unfold as Marina Bay Sands rolls out the red carpet for music legend Sir Elton John. 

And in "Full House", we get an exclusive look at the inner workings of Marina Bay Sands, and get behind the wheel of the slickest supercars as Director of Operations GP Isseppi preps his team for their VIP clients.

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Stay tuned to our MBS Blog series to find out more about Marina Bay Sands 24/7, the all-new 8-episode series that will premiere on Thursday 31 May, 9:30PM on The Biography Channel (StarHub TV Channel 404)

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