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Cathay Motion Picture 2012 Competition invites Everyone to Celebrate!

By InCinemas  /  03 Aug 2012 (Friday)

*Update: All participants who register and attend the briefing on 8 September will be rewarded with a goodie pack, which include a 'Cathay Cineplexes movie voucher'.

With open arms, Cathay is encouraging Singaporeans to take part in its inaugural Cathay Motion Picture 2012 Competition! Whether you're an amateur or professional, Cathay seeks to reach out to all film enthusiasts and supports local talents through this competition! 

Its prizes are so attractive that even a non-film maker will be tempted to take part! Top prize includes S$15,000 cash! Hit the jump to find out more!

The Challenge: Form a team of 1-3 pax to produce a motion picture based on the theme "Celebrate" within 77 hours!

Duration of the motion picture is to be advised during Compulsory Competition Briefing on 8 September 2012, Saturday 10:00am to 12:00pm, after which the 77-hours competition will begin and participants would have to  submit their work by the 77th hour on 11 September 2012, Monday at 5:00pm.

Register yourself before 31 August via Cathay Lifestyle Facebook page. Make sure you've filled in your particulars correctly and read the RULES before the submission. If you've previous works that you would like to share with Cathay, simply input the link under Video Showcase.

It is perfectly fine if you haven't had one yet. You could make your first one, isn't it? This doesn't put you at any disadvantage because after all, it's what you've submitted that counts! The Cathay Motion Picture Competition 2012 committee will view the motion pictures sent in by the candidates and shortlist the top twenty-five.

The top 3 winners and winner for Viewer's Choice will have their motion pictures played at Cathay Cineplexes for 2 weeks and featured as part of an exhibition at The Cathay Gallery for 4 weeks in 2013!

Imagine having to see your work (screened at random) on Cathay's big screen prior to the main feature film.. Wow.. Say example, in the hall filled with people and you have your motion picture shown before the movie Seeking A Friend For The End OF The World?!

Oh and InCinemas is giving away its movie OST (from United States and movie posters! You should head over to our contest page too! (by 19 August)

Okay, coming back, you can either join this competition solo, or Seek a couple of friends for the start of Cathay Motion Pictures 2012!

Now, with $10 per person for registration, you also get to hear renown names and filmmakers giving a briefing and probably tips on the 77-hours competition. With reference to the photo above, from left:  Anthony Chen - director from Zhao Wei Films; Gillian Tan - Founder of Munkysuperstar Pictures and Clicknetwork.tv; Jack Neo - Film director & Founder of J Team productions; Kat Goh - Filmmaker (Director of Dance Dance Dragon); Ken Kwek - Filmmaker & Playwright.

Let's also not get too excited and start right away!

All creativity work must take place during the Competition’s official duration of seventy-seven (77) hours. Any creativity work in advance of the Competition is prohibited. Creative work includes: Creating the script; Costume/Set Design; Shooting; Editing; Sound Design; Rendering; Outputting to tape or other media.

The only work which may begin prior to the Competition includes: Organising the Crew; Organising the Cast; Securing Equipment; Scouting and Securing Locations.

All footage must be shot within the Competition’s official duration of seventy-seven (77) hours.

So gather your family and friends and be prepared to 'Celebrate'!

InCinemas wishes you good luck and have fun~

(Check out Cathay Motion Picture 2012 Competition!)

Top prize

S$15,000 cash

A one-year access Cathay VIP Card for one member

The Cathay Restaurant VIP Card per member

Vouchers worth S$1,500

One-year subscription to F*** Magazine for one member

Second Prize

S$8,000 cash

One-year subscription to F*** Magazine for one member

Third Prize

S$5,000 + One-year subscription to F*** Magazine per member

Viewer's Choice 

A one-year Cathay VIP Card

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