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HOMECOMING This Chinese New Year!

By InCinemas  /  01 Feb 2011 (Tuesday)

It's Chinese New Year Eve tomorrow, will you be eating Reunion Dinner with your family? If you aren't and don't see the point of doing so, Homecoming is just the right movie for you. If you are, bring along your family to watch this heartwarming movie together during this CNY. Homecoming cast would have agreed with me. Jack Neo, Mark Lee, Ah Niu, Afdlin Shauki, Huang Wenhong, Rebecca Lim and Koe Yeet shared their feelings in the press conference held on 25 January 2011 at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.

Humour is never far away from the presence of the many comedians. Mark, starrring as Chef Daniel who has a daughter (Koe Yeet) in the film, points at the food reception prepared for the media and said in his Hong Kong accent, "This afternoon the exquisite food that you've eaten are all prepared by me." He then adds, "I paid to get them [the chefs] to prepare so it must be good." Mark told the media that he enjoys working on the movie, Homecoming, especially with the director, Lee Thean-Jeen. "When I speak english, he [Director] doesn't understand. When I speak French, he also doesn't understand. So must use Hokkien. But mine is Singapore-Hokkien while his is Penang-Hokkien." Mark Lee shares with us. "Although a bit tough when communicating, I still enjoy because if I speak wrongly, he also cannot distinguish."

During the press conference, Ah Niu brought along a box of peanut biscuits made by his real mum for Jack Neo, who starred as Ah Niu's Mum, and even hand-feed Jack on the spot as requested. "It tastes great when your 'son' feeds you," Jack told the media while chewing the biscuit. With regards to Ah Niu's performance, Jack praised he has a talent for comedy. When shooting some scenes, Jack had expected Ah Niu to act in a way but Ah Niu did the otherwise and turns out that Ah Niu's own style is marvelous and well-liked in the cinemas.

Starring as Karen Neo, Jack shared with us that Karen has sparked his passion for acting and it has been rather addictive. Jack adds, "Last time, I don't understand why his daughter would buy a few pairs of shoes of similar design at a go. However, when my shoes was damaged in Penang, I bought 3 pairs of shoes of the same design because I thought all look beautiful." This addiction is worrying cause for Ah Niu as he's afraid that it will take the real Jack away. Afdlin, who stars as a taxi-driver in the film, agrees and told us that he actually couldn't recognize who Karen is when he first saw Karen. He says, "We spent more time with Karen than with Jack himself. The other day [after filming] when I saw Jack, I didn't feel like talking him." Asked if there's a part 2, will Afdlin take part in it? Afdlin readily accepts but with a condition that brought laughter to the crowd. "But I would like to have a taxi with air-con," He laughs. "..That's my only request.."

Wenhong who stars as Rebecca's husband in his first big screen debut shares with us that he's very happy to be a part of this meaningful movie and in future, it's not a bad thing to bring a wife like Rebecca back home for reunion dinner. Wenhong shares, "It has been a very good experience to have work with the cast and I learnt a lot from the others during the shoot."

Rebecca feels that the role she stars in is similar to the current generation's thinking. "A lot of the youngsters nowadays feels that traditions is a waste of time and don't see the importance of reunion dinner." Rebecca relates. "I hope that everyone will learn and realize how important tradition is." As for Koe Yeet, she feels that this movie tells her that the most important thing is family. "No matter where you are, the care and warmth from the family is irreplaceable. And no matter what, Chinese New Year occurs only once a year, we should go back home to have a reunion dinner." 

Adflin shares with us that anybody regardless of race/religion will have a similar connection to the story of Homecoming. He believes a lot of his fans, who are Malay, will get what the story is telling as it's the same for them and for everyone. He notes, "It's about working together to make something beautiful." Last but not least, Mark Lee quotes what Chef Daniel would wish to say to the audience, "When eating reunion dinner, it is not what you're eating that matters, but with whom you eat with that is the most important.." 

HOMECOMING opens InCinemas 3 February 2011. Click here for more movie information!

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