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'The Wedding Diary II' new movie trailer: Is Elanne Kwong always like 'that'?

By InCinemas  /  02 Nov 2012 (Friday)
The Wedding Diary II 《结婚那件事之后》 has just released its first movie trailer. We get to see some of the problems faced by the newly-wed before and after having a baby in their lives! Oh, and it is not just about the two of them but the entire family yet again!

Interestingly, the last 10 seconds of the trailer seems to be specially edited for the bubbly Hong Kong Actress Elanne Kwong (江若琳). Hit the jump and see it for yourself!

The scene shows a lively Tina (Elanne Kwong) getting all excited and planting a kiss on her husband's (Ah Niu) cheek before cuting to the 'behind-the-scene' where the director (Can you recognise him?) is reviewing the movie footage.

That 'director' is Chapman To Man-chak 杜汶澤, who will making a guest appearance in the movie!

Then you have The Wedding Diary II director, Adrian Teh, seen as a humble crew telling the 'director' of the movie that "She's always like this in every movie." as though to make the point that this is how Elanne Kwong always behaves (since the first one in The Wedding Diary).

So is Elanne Kwong always so energetic?

Based on observations, the answer is a yes. Afterall, Ah Niu had described her as a "playful child who would keep playing and talking to you non-stop". (Refer to link)

Wonder how Elanne would react after watching this trailer! We would love to see her in Singapore again! Check out the two album via the links below and a clip where Elanne sings the theme song for The Wedding Diary with Ah Niu at Jurong Point!

(The Wedding Diary II - InCinemas Facebook Album)

(The Wedding Diary - InCinemas Facebook Album)

Elanne thanks Chapman for appearing in The Wedding Diary II
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