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Malin Akerman talks about her role and Tom Cruise in 'Rock Of Ages'

By InCinemas  /  05 Nov 2012 (Monday)
Source: Warner Bros
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With credits going to Typhoon Creations for this interview transcript, InCinemas gets a better understanding of Malin Akerman who plays a reporter giving Stacee Jaxx (Tom Cruise) more than just a cover story in Rock Of Ages!

Hear Swedish Canadian actress, model/singer talk about her 'love scene' with Tom Cruise and how she has brought out the different sides of her character, Constance Sack, who has a hidden 'wild side' within her seemingly serious self!

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Q: What interests you about the role when you first looked at it?
  • Malin: The thing that interested me most about this role was, actually, the singing aspect of it, because I've never done a musical before.  I've never been able to sing in a movie and that was really, really exciting.  Aside from all of the other great things like the cast, the director, a fabulous script, and the fact that I've seen the Broadway show twice; I'm a really big fan and I love this music. I'm a big rock fan.  So, there were many, many things that got me interested.
Q: You're a big '80s glam-rock fan?
  • Malin: Yeah.
Q: How great is that?
  • Malin: I love it.  I mean, '80s glam-rock, and then got into anywhere from Led Zeppelin, and Whitesnake.  Then you go into, AC/DC, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Nirvana.  That's what I grew up on.
Q: What was it like doing scenes and interacting with Tom Cruise? You guys were singing together.  Adam was choreographing the dance sequences. 
  • Malin: Working with Tom was an amazing experience.  Obviously, this is a man who has been in the business for quite some time. It's not every day you get to work with someone as talented as Tom Cruise. It was lovely because he's such a collaborative artist.  You would imagine, he could say whatever he wants.  He could do whatever he wants.  But he is so open; he wants to be directed by Adam.  We actually had an amazing choreographer, named Mia Michaels, who did all the choreography for the film.

    Our scene, Tom and my scene, where we have a “love scene” on the air-hockey table, was so much fun.  We did rehearsals a couple weeks before we actually shot the scene and as we were rehearsing with Mia and Adam, we're just like, “I'm gonna stick my tongue into his ear?  Oh, okay.”  Totally normal, you know.  But it was such a great time—so much fun.  I love all that physical comedy.
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Q: So that's not the norm.  You haven't been asked to do that stuff before?

  • Malin: I've never been asked to do that kind of stuff with Tom Cruise before. 
Q: What do you think was so unique about the '80s?  You said you were a fan of the music, but if you can just cover the decade?
  • Malin: I don't know.  For me, the '80s was real rock-and-roll.  It was these guys up on stage in leather pants and dripping sweat.  I don't think they had stylists back then.  I think they just did their thing.  I think they were self-made.  They rocked out in their garages and then got onstage. They were part of the crowd.  It was raw, and it was visceral.  It was real. I feel like now-a-days, there are so many great, talented musicians who do the same, but, you're seeing more and more structured and put-together bands and these music labels developing them.  Which is lovely, but this was just raw, angst, excitement.  When these rockers hit those high notes, and their guitar riffs, it punctured your soul.  I love it.  I love, love rock-and-roll.

Q: That's awesome.  It was more of a party atmosphere, and the lyrics were a little more light-hearted.  Can you talk about that a little bit?  How songwriting was different in the '80s versus the manufactured scene afterwards.

  • Malin: I just feel like in the '80s it was definitely more of a party vibe.  It was very much the sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll.  Versus now-a-days, I feel like it's Facebook and Twitter, and getting your fans, you gotta get everyone.  Then, it was on the tour bus with tons of groupies around, throwing furniture out windows at hotels.  The craziest stuff ensued.

    It's good that we've come to a certain place now. Maybe we want to find a happy medium.  But I do think that it was way more of a party scene back in the '80s, for sure.  It's a little bit more business-oriented now-a-days.
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Q: This was your first time doing a musical.  Can you talk about singing, “I Wanna Know What Love Is,” and how you made it your own?
  • Malin: Yeah.  This was the first time I ever got to sing in a movie.  I love the song that we got to sing together.  It's epic.  It's one of those songs that at the end of a high-school dance, you're singing to your partner.  You get a little closer and he's grabbing the small of your back.  So, it was just nostalgic of that time.  I was so excited to sing, but I was also extremely nervous.  I had a rock-band in 2002 but there was no pressure.  It was our stuff.  We could do whatever we want, we recorded in a closet. But this was the real deal.  We were going into a studio.  These producers and musical directors have produced many artists.  So I was, like, “I can't bluff with these guys.  I've really got to bring my best game.”  It was so much fun.  It was amazing to hear how they had put it together.  Then we did the scene while we were singing on playback.

    So, they would playback the music.  And that was so cool.  I've never experienced anything like that.  Because a lot of times music just touches a part of you that can transport you to another place, instantly.  I really love that.  As soon as the music started playing you just felt the moment.  You didn't even have to act anymore.  It was great.  It was such a cool experience.
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Q: How did Adam (director) help shape your character?  What was his direction for your character specifically?

  • Malin: My character, whose name is Constance Sack, she is this Rolling Stone reporter.  I think the one thing that Adam, and Tom, and I, we all discussed my character and Tom's character, Stacee Jaxx and what their relationship meant, what the game was, what was happening.  We wanted to make sure that it was really grounded, and that Constance was a really grounded character.  She is the one who brings Tom Cruise’s character out of this crazy lifestyle that he's been living.

    Adam is a wonderful director.  I feel like any movie that is gonna succeed is—50 percent of that is thanks to the director being an amazing director.  And to watch Tom just really respect Adam, and he's worked with so many great directors, you just know that this is a really good man that you're working with.  He would come in with really funny suggestions.  He has this specific tone that he wanted to hit and I really think he got it right.
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Q: Your character changes, or maybe she's trying to be really professional, and hiding a wild side.
  • Malin: Aren't we all?
Q: How did you bring that out?  What was the pacing of the story? 
  • Malin: Well, there was definitely a change within my character.  I do feel like we have so many different sides of ourselves as people. You might be a really, really, really nice person, but, there's a moment, where you've been a bitch.  So every person has those sides.  It's just bringing them out and being true to what you are, who you are, what you love.  Some people can bring out the best in you, so to speak and that might just be a hidden side that you didn't know was in there before.

    So I feel like that's what happened with Constance. She just was too scared.  She's always loved rock-and-roll.  She's a big fan.  She's a smart woman.  But she loves the integrity of the art, of the music.  So when Stacee Jaxx, finally finds his integrity again it drives her crazy.  It drives her wild.  It turns her on, and she just found herself a good balance.
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