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Golden Village Introduces the Next Generation of Cinemas at City Square Mall

By InCinemas  /  12 Nov 2012 (Monday)
*Update (12 Nov): Free movie screenings today at GV City Square! (View movie sessions below)

Source: Golden Village

Golden Village expands with 11th cinema location

Singapore’s leading cinema exhibitor, Golden Village (GV) continues to revolutionize the local entertainment industry by launching its 11th cinema location, GV City Square. Showcasing the next generation cinema, GV City Square features cutting-edge technologies that will enhance the film going experience and empower audiences.

Located at City Square Mall, the brand-new GV multiplex will house six cinema auditoriums with a total seating capacity of 1082, of which one auditorium will be a unique and intimate 42-seater ‘Couple’s Cinema’. All six cinemas will have stadium seating, ample leg room, wall-to-wall digital screens with crystal-clear 2K digital projection, 7.1 Dolby digital sound and premium-grade EAW® speakers from the United States.

Costing an estimated S$6 million to design and build, GV City Square boasts new automated features that will transform Singapore’s cinema-going experience in today’s digital age.

"Golden Village is proud to launch GV City Square as Singapore’s latest state-of-the-art cinema. As our 11th multiplex location, GV City Square offers many industry-firsts that will shape the way cinemas are operated in the future,” said Mr. Kurt Rieder, Chief Executive Officer of Golden Village.

Revolutionary ‘Firsts’ in Cinema Experience
GV City Square will be the launch pad of Singapore’s first cinema auto-gate system via a confirmed booking code sent to a moviegoer’s phone. Conceptualized to better manage high volumes of patrons entering the cinema, GV City Square’s auto-gate allows bi-directional traffic flow.

GV City Square will also achieve a significant milestone by implementing an integrated digital projection solution where all necessary equipment is housed inside the auditorium thereby removing the additional floor area of a typical projection room. With the integrated digital projection solution, projection operations become automated and human intervention is reduced to a minimum. These innovations were made possible by adopting the use of a Theatre Management System (TMS) that acts as a central control over the entire multiplex’s digital equipment. Through a user-friendly interface, GV’s cinema managers can create, schedule and amend playlists based on their screening requirements by just dragging and dropping the required content into the playlist.

With the TMS, GV cinema managers have a dashboard overview of the real-time status of their digital projectors: the title and current running time of every film playing will be displayed simultaneously. Enhancing this infrastructure is a wireless single-point management tablet enabling maximum mobility whereby GV managers will be able to control all digital equipment from anywhere in the cinema.

First Peek at the Couple Hall

Following the opening of GV City Square, Golden Village will be re-launching an enhanced version of iGV – Golden Village’s mobile-ticketing application available towards to end of the year. The enhanced mobile app will be compatible with smartphone platforms such as iOS and Android, followed by Windows early next year. Moviegoers who book tickets through the refreshed iGV can make confirmed credit card payments as well.

Launch of “I Run The Cinema @ GV City Square”
Committed to finding ways to offer patrons a unique movie-going experience, Golden Village seeks to empower movie-goers at GV City Square with their new campaign, “I RUN THE CINEMA @ GV CITY SQUARE” ─ giving patrons the opportunity to take control of their movie-outing. From choosing the movie title to be screened, personalizing their movie snack pack to having the option of paying less when they book tickets early, GV’s customers will be more empowered than ever before. The movie-going public will also have the chance to premiere their own film productions at GV City Square’s ‘Couple’s Cinema’.

Promoting the Cinema to Movie-Goers, by Movie-Goers
As a commitment to offer greater engagement with movie–goers, Golden Village is working with an outstanding team of students from the NBS MarkeTHINK Club of Nanyang Business School. These tertiary students, who understand the demands and expectations of their peers, will be creating fresh marketing initiatives that will launch at GV City Square.

Movie-goers who are interested to watch the latest movies at the brand-new GV City Square are welcome to check newspaper directory listings or visit www.gv.com.sg for updated screening times.

GV City Square is located at 180 Kitchener Road, #05-02/03, City Square Mall, Singapore 208539

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