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Jack Neo's army themed movie, 'Ah Boys To Men', breaks S$1.5 million in its opening week!

By InCinemas  /  12 Nov 2012 (Monday)
Source: Golden Village Pictures
Steady la! Ah Boys To Men opens number 1 in the weekend box office!

Photo: Ah Boys To Men cast appeared at the Gala Premiere in SAF Number 1 uniform

Singapore, 12th November – Renowned homegrown Director Jack Neo’s latest movie Ah Boys To Men breaks the box office records after collecting a stunning S$1,509,422 over the 4-day opening weekend (8th to 11th November) with a total of 37 screens island-wide! Hit the jump to also find out more about the war sequence in the movie!

Ah Boys To Men looks set to gross more than S$4 million at the end of the film’s run!

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The spectacular opening weekend result of S$1,509,422 is also the biggest opening weekend ever for a local movie. It has broken the old record held by Director Jack Neo’s Ah Long Pte Ltd, which was released in 2008.

Box Office Chart for Jack Neo's movies (Past 5 years from 2007 - 2012)
(Sorted according to Opening Weekend results)

 Movie Title Opening Date
 Prints Opening Weekend
 Final Box Office
 Ah Boys to Men
 8 Nov 2012
 37 $1,509,422 -
 Ah Long Pte Ltd
 07 Feb 2008 50 $1,484,000 $2.94 million
 Money No Enough 2
 31 Jul 2008 59 $1,188,000 $4.87 million
 Where Got Ghost?
 13 Aug 2009 34 $952,000 $2.67 million
 Just Follow Law
 15 Feb 2007 35 $587,000 $2.78 million
 The Ghosts Must Be Crazy
 06 Jan 2011 30 $484,000 $1.44 million
 Being Human
 04 Mar 2010 30 $416,000 $981, 000
 Love Matters
 22 Jan 2009 36 $406,000 $1.68 million
 We Not Naughty
 19 Jan 2012 32 $338,000 $2.15 million

Director Jack Neo is very overwhelmed by the fantastic result, “I am really very encouraged by the box office results and will like to thank everyone who watched Ah Boys To Men. I will endeavour to make better movies and hope everyone can continue to support Singapore movies and Ah Boys To Men 2 opening during Chinese New Year next year.”

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In commemoration of Singapore’s 45th year of National Service, AH BOYS TO MEN is a coming of age film portraying the evolution of manhood. The movie stars local actors including veteran actor Richard Low 刘谦益, well-known actress/comedienne Irene Ang 洪爱玲and Getai actor Wang Lei 王雷. On top of these familiar faces, Jack Neo also introduces fresh faces to the cast lineup, including Joshua Tan 陈伟恩, Maxi Lim 林俊良, Noah Yap 叶荣耀, Wang Wei Liang 王伟良 and famous youtuber/blogger Tosh Zhang 张志扬.

We have embedded two Ah Boys To Men behind-the-scenes clip below which features the 'war' in the movie.

Why put war in the movie?
Jack Neo explained in the press conference last week, "I feel that National Service (NS) contributes a lot to the peace we are enjoying now. Sometimes you will hear people saying that one nuclear missle will destroy Singapore (if at war) or that Singapore will not go into war. This is the mindset of most people. The war scene in the movie gives the audience an idea of how it will be like when Singapore is at war. We have our HDBs destroyed; our very own soldiers defending our country; our citizens running away."

Actor Wang Lei pointed out that Jack Neo told him that his part in the opening war sequence is rated the most touching moment in the entire movie. Wang Lei teased and said, "Be sure to pay attention to that scene. Just that alone is worth the price of your movie tickets!"

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