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'CZ12' - Probably the last large-scale action flick from Jackie Chan

By InCinemas  /  21 Dec 2012 (Friday)
Jackie Chan, along with his co-actresses Yao Xingtong 姚星彤 and Zhang Lanxin 张蓝心, came to Singapore on Tuesday to promote his latest and probably the last large-scale action blockbuster you will ever see from him.

It's exciting to see the kind of action Jackie put up on the big screen because you know that he does his own stunts, even the dangerous ones, and the behind-the-scenes footage at the end of his movies simply increase your admiration for this fearless man who put his life at stake to shoot the movies. This applies to CZ12 as well and his determination to film the movie his way will move your heart.

The most serious injury Jackie sufferred when filmming CZ12 was the scene where he landed his waist on a portrait. "For a moment I was really afraid that I would end up in a wheelchair for the rest of my life." said Jackie, who then ask his co-star Zhang Lanxin to continue the story for him.

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"Normally when JC fell or injure himself, he'll just get up, and laugh it off as if it's nothing. But this time, he just laid there and told the staffs not to touch him. Over 200 staffs just surrounded him for about 3 minutes before Jackie got up and said 'Why are you all so solemn? It's not like I'm dead!'" said the Tae Kwon Do champion. "Everyone cheered as he moved to a corner. Although I was a distance away, I could see a lot of blood around his waist."

The 58-year-old actor admitted that the thought of announcing his retirement through CZ12 did come across his mind. He said, "Actually, CZ12 could make a very good retirement movie. But I just can't bear to. I like movies a lot. It's very fun and it allows me to connect with my fans over the world. "

If you have growned to love the actor kicking the villains' asses on the big screen, you should also stay all the way till the credits ends and hear out his personal message at towards the end. Besides, in this movie, Jackie Chan actually had 15 roles under his name, performing his role not just as an actor and director but including lighting, cameraman, food manager etc.

Given his status, Jackie Chan could easily have someone else to handle the job but the actor insisted that he feels better if he's in charged. He cited an incident where 600 part-time actors were only paid $30 each for a day's of work when it was supposed to be $800. "That's why I want to take part in everything."

Like a true leader, he takes care of the basic needs, like accomodation, food, attire etc. for all his staffs have them to follow his set of rules during filming. "For some directors, the first thing to do on the set is probably shooting but for me, it's tidying up the place, sweeping and mopping the floor." said Jackie Chan, who had also make sure that his crew members smoke only at a designated area and not just anywhere on set. "It was hard for them during the first week, but after that, everyone feels better at work."

"I've been researching on auctions and I found out a lot of things and secrets in the trade like doing fake accounts, bribing and more. Relics that originate from other countries can be found in one's museum. In this civilised world, we claimed that they don't belongs to anyone but the world! Yet we choose not to return to the owner!" Jackie Chan also made reference to the news where Japan returns the royal books to Korea. "It's a kind and peaceful gesture.. It's very good. We need this kind of harmony."
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