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The Stories behind ‘Confession of Murder Book’ Revealed!

By InCinemas  /  12 Mar 2013 (Tuesday)

If you have not caught Confession of Murder, the Korean action-thriller movie, I strongly urge you to, provided you’re alright with an adequate amount of gore and some mind-twisting revelation.

In the movie, the serial killing of 10 women announced to the world about his autobiography, revealing and claiming responsibility for the murders that took place 17 years ago. He describes each murder with detailed description of the process and how he murdered them.

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His book becomes a huge success, making him an instant celebrity. The detective in charge of the case can only watch from the sidelines as his hands are tied as Lee, the claimed murderer has been pardoned legally. It sold 3 million copies in a month and was the top of bestseller chart for five continuous weeks.

inCinemas shall reveal the first two stories of the popular book by Lee Du-seok, the claimed serial killer as seen in the movie.


PROLOGUE: Serial killer Lee Du-seok

I am a murderer. I am the one who viciously killed 10 women. I am Lee Du-seok. Murderer, serial killer, monster, devil incarnate... It doesn't matter what people label me. But one thing is certain - the fact that I killed 10 people.

Many stories are told about me but the truth will be revealed soon. Due to its sheer notoriety of my crimes, many of the details have been publicized by the media and police investigation, but you'll find out the real truth that were either misled or not covered. I want to make one thing absolutely clear with this book - I am not after public sympathy and am not making excuses for my actions.

The readers may feel uncontrollable rage, pain and disgust in every page. However, my aim is simply to record what had happened honestly and truthfully. What the public don't know about the case is what happened to me before the first killing ever took place and what happened before the next kill.

I am like you, I ride the bus like everyone else and all I want after a long day at work is a glass of beer. At least I’d like to think that way. But I can't lead a normal life. Because of it I am constantly anxious. You may find it hard to believe, but the moment I killed, I wanted to kill myself first. If, a long ago, I was the victim of a vicious act of violence before the first kill, all of those women would be alive now.

Let me tell you about that first kill.

Case file #1: The Beginning
It was an ordinary day, like any other. Music was pumping in my ear and I moved with the beat with my head down. When I lifted my head, I saw a woman with long flowing hair walk past me. And I felt a sudden wave of loneliness. Was it because I was isolated by the music that only I could hear?

Unknowingly, I kept up the pace to match hers. She sensed me following behind her and sped up. I walked briskly to match her pace again. I gradually put more focus on her, rather than my music and kept the same tempo. We were the only ones there, she knew it and I knew it. Her increasing pace only excited me more. I finally reached and grabbed her hand. She was startled by the unexpected contact but fortunately I was stronger than her.

Just as she was about to scream, I covered her mouth tight and grabbed her frail shoulder. With her in my possession, I was on my way to heaven. She was a new source of radiance in my gloomy, dark basement apartment. Everything that followed happened in a blink. Her frightened eyes excited me more and more, and I wanted to experience the bliss only she could provide. She helped me forget the loneliness.

I wanted to own her, utterly and completely. Just as I wanted, her breathing became shallower. I could feel her life slip away in her grasp of my hands around her neck. At that moment I held the world in my hands. This was my first kill. 

Case file #2: Murder, then another
Rain was falling from the sky. The scent of wet dirt outside soaked into my room. I need to be with someone on a day like today, I thought. I grabbed my sneakers and went outside.

Sound of people talking, walking, bus passing by, various sounds jumbled together. Wanting to get away from the rain, I sat in a bus shelter. A city bus came to a halt right in front of me. Then she got off, the one whom I'll listen to the sound of rain together.

She had a red one-piece dress on and walked with an umbrella over her head. The alley became narrower. As the sound of rain faded, I became more cautious. Only the sound of her footsteps, and raindrops were heard. I was completely silent. I carefully approached her like I was stalking a prey. Everything that happened afterwards felt like second nature. As it had happened before, another angel entered my sanctuary.

The rain kept falling and her scream was sporadically heard in my basement home. The sound of rain became more beautiful. The scent of outside world seeped in and I sought after her scent. I didn't want to forget this one.

I took out my cell phone and captured her screaming. She filled the small screen, she was tied up and she struggled as if her life was depended on it. I guess I won't be lonely for a while, I thought. She faded away while her memories stayed in my mind.


Did his story send chills down your spine? It sure did for me. In addition, there was a real life case happened in Korea that shook the nation, called the ‘Hwasung serial killer’.

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Between September 15, 1986 and April 3, 1991, 10 women were bound, raped and killed in the city of Hwasung. This case is never solved and its statute of limitations has expired, and through this film, its mystery has resurface to public attention after being dealt with in BONG Joon-ho’s seminal .

The last murder took place around 9:00 PM on April 3, 1991. A 69-year-old woman was discovered dead, raped and strangled with pantyhose on a mountain in Hwasung. Victims of the serial murders were all strangled to death with their own clothes, such as pantyhose or socks. There was also evidence of forced sexual abuse, which sent shockwaves though the public.

If you’ve watched the film, do comment in this post and tell us what you feel about the movie. Was the action sequence incredible? It should be for it was directed by Jung Byung-gil, a former stuntman who showed really powerful intense cat-and mouse chase and the amazing car-chasing scenes.

And just a fun fact for you, our loyal readers, did you know that about 100 Park Si-Hoo fans took part as extras in filming a scene of the book store book signing and other fan-based appearances. Don’t you hope you’ll appear in your idol’s movie as extras too?

Watch this interview conducted by arirang on the story, characters and behind-the-scenes footage.

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