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The Wolverine: Twitter Q&A with Hugh Jackman

By InCinemas  /  17 May 2013 (Friday)

Hugh Jackman takes time off to answer questions from The Wolverine Llive Twitter Q&A on May 2, 2013. Check out the questions and his answers after the jump!

The Wolverine: Twitter Q&A with Hugh Jackman

  • 0:06 min - What is your favourite thing about playing the Wolverine?
  • 0:47 min - How much training and preparation goes into doing a film like this?
  • 1:14 min - How does Japan factor into this new The Wolverine?
  • 1:55 min - How has your approach to Wolverine changed over the years?
  • 2:36 min - Would you like to live as long as The Wolverine lives? Why or why not?
  • 3:16 min - Tell us about the cast of The Wolverine. What was it like working with them?
  • 4:13 min - What scene are you the most excited for us to see in The Wolverine?
  • 4:47 min - When you're on set all day, is it tough to turn off being The Wolverine after filming? Catch yourself calling people hub?
  • 5:19 min - The Wolverine has always been part of a group in the movies, in this one you carry the entire film. What was the pressure like?
  • 6:17 min - How was your experience working with director James Mangold?
  • 7:06 min - Anything you can tell us about X-Men: Days of Future Past?

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