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'Buddy Cops' - Press Conference in Beijing

By Yian Lu  /  11 Mar 2016 (Friday)
On 2 March 2016, the press conference for Buddy Cops was held in Beijing. With all the cast (Bosco Wong 黄宗泽, King Kong Lee 金刚, Kate Tsui 徐子珊, Charmaine Fong 方皓玟) present, x-rated jokes and great atmosphere, it was a "never-seen-before exhilarating press conference"!

The producer of the film (Eric Tsang 曾志伟) who was unable to make it for the press conference, sent his wishes through an audio recording, praising the director and the four young actors and actresses. He even gave a mean order, requesting them to participate in two classic games — one of guessing the song name and the other of working with a partner to get the ping pong ball using one's mouth.

Throughout the games, the audience was thrilled, with Lee and Wong hurling funny criticisms at each other. The lucky fans who were able to join in on the stage also echoed in chorus that "Wong is more good-looking than Lee", resulting in Lee feeling depressed. Under the uniform attack of the other three, to the extent of divulging Lee flirting with a waitress the night before, Lee could barely vindicate himself.

With Wong's and Lee's frequent interactions, Lee's bald head as a teasing factor, and Wong gently sniffing and caressing Lee's head, it was nearing an x-rated scene! During the ping pong game, knowing what the audience wanted, both of them even pretended to be shy when their lips touched, sending laughters down the aisle.

In line with the police theme, the cast were given prop guns, and at the sound of the pistols, the out-of-the-ordinary character posters were revealed. Wong had a cigarette in his mouth, fire atop his head, apparently hot-tempered. Lee on the other hand, with a pacifier in mouth, was stuck-up, feminine and a mummy's boy. Tsui challenged having buckteeth for the first time, while Fong had a dagger in hand, a face full of resentment. Tsang had an expressionless, peacemaker look.

Embedded with jokes and gags, the comical, humorous Buddy Cops will definitely tickle the audience's funny bone. Buddy Cops is coming to local theatres 21 April 2016.
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