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Jjang Movie Fiesta - Win a pair of tickets to "Too Hot To Die"

We are giving away a pair of tickets a week to the films screening at GV’s Jjang Movie Fiesta, showcasing four special screenings of Korean movies that have not been released in Singapore! 

To win tickets to "Too Hot To Die", simply watch the trailer and answer this question: 

The 3 men and a beautiful lady are members of a  _______ club.

a) sadness
b) suicide
When 3 men who believe they lived the most depressing lives in the world meet a woman, they suddenly gain a reason to live. As members of a suicide club, ‘Final Flame’ Byung-nam, ‘Incomplete Life’ Sim-sun and ‘Score-based Happiness’ Du-seok get together to kill themselves. But before they could finally do so, each of them check off their bucket list and achieve calmness by feeling happy and unloading their thoughts… Right then, the last member of the club, nicknamed ‘Rose of Betrayal’ Mi-ji arrives. With the appearance of someone so beautiful, the men’s plan to commit suicide is turned upside down. As she reveals her shocking past, all 3 of them struggle to cling onto life.. 
Additional Notes
Korean film showcase, JJANG Movie Fiesta is back for another year, showcasing some of your favourite Korean films. 

JJANG Movie Fiesta runs from 8 May to 1 June 2019.
13 May 2019 (Monday)
Prize(s) courtesy of:
Golden Village Pictures

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