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Hong Kong Film Gala 2021 Movie Passes Giveaway

The Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation 2021 will take place in Singapore from 2 to 4 July! The 3-day programme featuring six recent Hong Kong films will be held at The Cathay Cineplex.

Join our giveaway to stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to one of the following films:
1. One Second Champion 《一秒拳王》
The film is musician and actor CHIU Sin-hang’s impressive solo directorial follow-up after Vampire Cleanup Department in 2017. It topped the Hong Kong box office when it was released in March 2021. Born with the ability
to see one second into the future, a father takes up prize fighting to fund surgery for his hearing-impaired son.

2. The Way We Keep Dancing 《狂舞派3》
The film is the eagerly anticipated sequel to his popular 2013 success The Way We Dance on street dance culture in Hong Kong. This time, the dancers including Cherry Ngan and Babyjohn Choi from the original cast, are faced with gentrification of the district that has nurtured their creativity.

3. Ready o/r Knot 《不日成婚》
Screenwriter turned director Anselm CHAN Mou-yin’s romantic comedy debut portrays lustful men who will do anything to avoid marriage, and insecure women who feel the need to trap their men into marrying them.

4. Drifting 《浊水漂流》
Director Jun LI’s second feature takes a close look at the homeless people of Hong Kong. It features an outstanding ensemble of actors and shows a sensitive approach to an important social issue.

5. All U Need Is Love《总是有爱在隔离》
Produced by ten major Hong Kong film companies to raise money for Hong Kong film industry workers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Vincent KWOK’s film features an all- star ensemble cast.

6. Septet: The Story of Hong Kong 《七人乐队》
Directed by seven of Hong Kong’s most revered auteurs – Sammo HUNG, Ann HUI, Patrick TAM, YUEN Wo Ping, Johnnie TO, the late Ringo LAM and TSUI Hark who come together to compose a symphony of stories about their city.

Let us know in the answer box below which film you're most looking forward to see and why.

Additional Notes
All screenings are in original Cantonese language with English and Chinese subtitles.
25 Jun 2021 (Friday)

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