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Malaysia's first MMA movie Sangkar ready to battle it out on the big screen

By Say Peng  /  17 Jul 2019 (Wednesday)

Mixed martial arts or MMA is becoming an increasingly popular sport in Southeast Asia, so it's about time that a film is made about that sport.

Enter Sangkar, Malaysia's first MMA film.

Directed by Kabir Bhatia, Sangkar follows two MMA fighters - Adam and Johan, who get into a fight outside the ring, resulting in Johan getting seriously injured. Filled with guilt, Adam attempts to redeem himself by resorting to underground fights for monetary gains which he chooses to share with Johan’s family. Johan, on the other hand, faces his own struggles and continues to fight for his health for the sake of his family.

The film stars popular actors Zul Ariffin and Remy Ishak as well as Mira Filzah, Adam Mika, Ray, Fadlan Hazim, Aman Graseka, Andy Teh and international MMA athlete, James “Sledgehammer” McSweeney.

Sangkar’s upbeat theme song ‘Fighter’ is composed by popular rapper Aman RA and Navigator and performed by Aman RA.

The soundtrack will also feature 3 new songs featuring budding and rising talents from the local hip-hop scene, namely Dinho, DeLaFlare, Mali & SXPH (“Sangkar”), NtahSape2Ntah (“Luar Biasa”), 000 & Kid Raww (“Jangan”).

Sangkar will be released in cinemas on 29 August.

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