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The 'A Quiet Place Part 2' full-length trailer is here

By Flora  /  02 Jan 2020 (Thursday)

What a way to start the new year with the first full-length trailer of an alien-filled ‘A Quiet Place Part II’. 

The horror flick was a breakout film in 2018, directed and co-written by John Kransinski. It was him and Golden Globe award winner (and wife) Emily Blunt’s first feature film together. The sequel will see only Blunt fighting the fight with her young children sans her husband, but is joined by new cast members such as Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou.  

In the original 2018 flick, an alien invasion wipes out most of the Earth’s population. Attracted to sound, the alien attacks at the slightest sound, even as subtle as a snap of a twig. The first film ends with a new addition to the family and this baby will have to fight for survival in silence. 

The official plot summary from Paramount Pictures is as follows: “Following the deadly events at home, the Abbott family (Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe) must now face the terrors of the outside world as they continue their fight for survival in silence. Forced to venture into the unknown, they quickly realize that the creatures that hunt by sound are not the only threats that lurk beyond the sand path.”

A Quiet Place Part II opens InCinemas March 19 2020.
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