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Joker (2019) features a Heath Ledger easter egg we might have missed

By Flora  /  03 Jan 2020 (Friday)

If you have caught the 2019 Joker film portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix, you would agree that Phoenix’s take on the villain is one of the best in cinematic history. Of course, the other being the late Heath Ledger’s take on joker in ‘The Dark Knight’ where he basically creeped us out.

*If you have not caught the recent “Joker”, you may want to stop reading and cancel this tab for it contains mild spoilers of the film*

Fans have talked about how Joaquin Phoenix setting a cop car on fire was an ode to Ledger's joker, but if you didn’t look closely enough, you may have missed this subtle Easter egg the fans on Reddit have pointed out on the Todd Phillips-directed feature.

Credit: Reddit

In the design of the Gotham City ambulance in the film, the back of the ambulance is not your usual look. It features a red ‘smile’ and two blue eyes that very much resembles the Joker, more specifically the scene where Heath Ledger dressed as a nurse.

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