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The New Mutants trailer adds a horror spin to the X-Men universe

By Flora  /  06 Jan 2020 (Monday)

After almost two years of delays, the first trailer of ‘The New Mutants’ is finally here. 

The spinoff of the X-Men series is moving away from its heroic fanfare for a more horror-thriller take. While it doesn’t mean it’s not ultimately a superhero movie, think of it as a darker superhero ensemble movie.

Inspired by the Marvel graphic novel published in 1982, director Josh Boone’s spinoff features five young mutants trapped in an isolated hospital to learn about their powers. They attempt to escape the facility upon discovering its terrifying secrets. The have to work together and face off against an entity known as Demon Bear.

Danielle Mooonstar (played by Blu Hunt), a powerful psychic mutant who can bring people’s worst nightmares into reality, and the newest resident of a mysterious psychiatric hospital. She meets a few of the other patients including, Rahne Sinclair, a girl who can turn into a wolf, played by Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams, Illyana Rasputin who goes by Magik, played by Anya Taylor-Joy (Split), and Sam Guthrie, played by Charlie Heaton (Stranger Things).

The delay was mainly due to scheduling of previous X-Men and Fox titles. It was originally going t open in April 2018 before it first got pushed to February 2019. The film was then moved to August 2019 by Disney after the Fox merger, only for Disney to then settle on its new release April 2020 release date.

In any case, it’s coming and we’re pretty excited for it. The New Mutants opens InCinemas 2 April 2020.
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