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The New 'Disney's Pete’s Dragon' Movie Trailer Unveils the Dragon!

By Flora  /  15 Jun 2016 (Wednesday)

Disney’s Pete’s Dragon is  a reimagining of the studios’ 1977 classic with director David Lowery at the helm. 

The film blends both live action and CGI together, showing us the incredible bond between an orphaned boy Pete (Oakes Fegley ) and his best friend in the forest, Elliot… who is actually a dragon. A park ranger Grace (Bryce Dallas Howard) discovers the existence of Elliot and helps him to escape its captors. 

Also starring Robert Redford, Wes Bentley and Karl Urban, Disney’s Pete’s Dragon is slated to open InCinemas 1 Sep 2016!

A young orphan seeks refuge from his abusive adoptive parents with the help of a pet dragon and a couple who live in a lighthouse

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