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Female Quartet of 'Ghostbusters' Couldn’t Wait to Get Slimed!

By Flora  /  15 Jun 2016 (Wednesday)

We can all agree that the 1984 Ghostbusters film is one of th classic films in cinema history. The movie became an instantaneous hit back then, and sparked a whole media frenzy with sequels and remakes. Though 32 years since the iconic film was released, fans still can't forget Ecto-1(Ghostbusters' vehicle), the eponymous theme song and the iconic green slime.

It's no wonder that the ladies of the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot directed by Paul Feig - Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, couldn't wait to get slimed on set.

“We were super excited to get slimed,” said McCarthy at the press conference held at the ArtScience Museum yesterday. She was in town with Feig to promote the movie, where both attended the red carpet premiere and the Guinness World Records announcement

“We were like ‘Yay! It’s happening!’ Then when it came, it was ‘Yay! Here it comes.’ And you can’t wash it off! When you try to get rid of it with water, it reactivates and doubles, and you start to feel crazy because you’re like ‘I’m washing it and there’s more’, she said. “It took a couple of days to get it off.”

Feig added: “The ladies thought they’ll love the slime. I usually go with my actors - I will do the stunts before they do, but this is the one time I said ‘You are on your own.’”

The Feig-McCarthy partnership is probably one of Hollywood’s best modern director-actor pair-ups, following the likes of Tim Burton - Johnny Deep and Martin Scorsese - Leonardo DiCaprio collaborations. From Bridesmaids, to The Heat, to Spy, Feig and McCarthy have proven they're a winning team. 

(Check out more photos from the red carpet, here!)

Their chemistry can be seen through the hilarious banter at the conference, where McCarthy explained that they ‘don’t usually speak in full sentences’. “We are actually like two 11-year-olds trying to make each other laugh.”

“Yeah, nobody laughs at our jokes more than we do,” acknowledged Feig. “I love working with funny women. Why the original worked was because of those four ghostbusters who were at that time, the funniest people working together. All I said is that I needed to create that chemistry here, and I know the funniest women on the planet… and that’s the only agenda I had - to make people laugh.”

He added: “There’s nothing cynical about this film. It’s really the feeling we got watching the first movie - the fun delivered to an audience; the laugh delivered to an audience - was so fantastic. That’s the only reason I make movies and that’s the only reason why we (Melissa and I) make movies. We want to make movies to entertain an audience that can have two hours of absolute fun and joy.”

Ghostbusters also star Chris Hemsworth and opens InCinemas 14 July 2016!
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