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Wolverine Bids Farewell in New ‘Logan’ Trailer.

By Flora  /  21 Oct 2016 (Friday)

Does this mean the last of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine? In the new teaser trailer for Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine 3, it seems like the X-Men superhero has found a successor. While her identity is kept a secret fro now, speculations has it that she’s playing someone from the comics known as X-23, the ‘clone of Wolverine’.

We’ve been reminded by director James Mangold that this Wolverine instalment will reflect a very different shift in tone and aesthetic as compared to the past offerings from the superhero genre. At the same time, the portrayal of the animalistic Logan brings us back to the first time where we were introduced to the clawed character years ago. This feels like things have come full circle with Jackman in his last hurrah as the beloved Wolverine. 


Also starring Patrick Stewart, Stephen Merchant and Dafne Keen, Logan is set to release InCinemas 2 March 2017!

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