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'Blind Detective' Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng - The Golden Couple That Will Never Change!

By InCinemas  /  27 Jun 2013 (Thursday)
The golden couple of Asian cinema, Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng got together after 8 years since their last collaboration, “Yesterday Once More”.

This time, they are back with Blind Detective, a comedy-thriller featuring the duo who not only put on an outstanding performance together, they charmed the screen with their everlasting chemistry.

InCinemas interviewed the couple during their promotional stop here in Singapore. At the press conference, they greeted the media hand-in-hand, smiling for cameras and even did a tango pose at the end of the photo call.

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While 8 years has been a really long time since they came together in a movie, Lau mentioned that he has not found a script that was special and unique from the directors, so they waited for the chance.

Cheng, who had a stunning red coat over said that she didn’t consider much about the script as she has much confidence in it.

“I didn’t really considered much as it’s after all Johnnie To (director) and Hua Zai (Andy Lau), they are the ‘first priority’ in my list”, she continued.

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When asked to rate Lau’s performance on-screen and off-screen, Cheng gave her on-screen partner a 9 out of 10 points. She said, “If I have to score, it will be full marks but because I know Andy is a really humble person, he wouldn’t accept the full marks, so I’ll give him.. 9! Leave that 1 point for him to improve himself in the next 60 years!”

Lau exclaimed, “60 years? I’ll be at least a 110 years old then!” To which the both started laughing.

In the movie, Lau acts as a blind detective who helps the bureau to solve murders and crimes. For someone with so many years of experience, the humble actor-singer stated that this role was quite a challenging character.

Lau said “For an actor, if the director approaches me means he has some confidence in me and I will entrust my faith in the director.”

When asked about their favourite scenes in the movie, Cheng stated the scene in the casino where she had to act as a gambling addict was her favourite.

“I believe if it’s 8 years ago, I might not be able to have this courage to act in this scene as there are times where you have to really let yourself go in order to portray the emotions”, Cheng added.

Blind Detective marks the seventh collaboration between the two and for the past films, the  box office sales have always been high with positive reviews. Although both felt that there isn’t an absolute promise that Blind Detective will do well, they feel that this can be see as an encouragement.

“I didn’t think much about it. Everyone has a different opinion and view about things, so I accept all kinds of views... as long as its sincere”, Lau said. Cheng then added, “Since nobody knows the final outcome of it, I’ll see it as a sincere encouragement!”

Easily known as the King and Queen in Asian cinema, both also have impressive achievements in the music industry, bagging numerous awards for their music albums. They sang the themesong for Blind Detective, both in Cantonese and Mandarin.

(View the MV for the Cantonese version here!)

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Be it on-screen or off-screen, it is evident that their chemistry and friendship are undeniable, something that was built years ago.
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