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Cast from Thai Horror Movie 'Last Summer' share how they Juggle Between Acting and School!

By InCinemas  /  27 Aug 2013 (Tuesday)

We last saw teenage actors Kao-Jirayu and Punpun last year in Seven Something and this time, they teamed up in the upcoming Thai horror movie Last Summer, opening in Singapore tomorrow!

Besides being fans of horror movies, find out how they juggled between acting and school!

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Q: You both have previously worked together in a Thai commercial & the movie 'Seven Something'. How is it different working together for this movie?

Kao-Jirayu: I think the characters from both movies are different, in Seven Something it talks about teenagers’ puppy love while Last Summer is horror movie. Working with Punpun again, I think she is talented as she can play every role. It is very smooth to work with her. There are no any problems.

PunPun: The main difference is that Seven Something is a romantic comedy movie, while Last Summer is a horror movie. Working with Kao in Seven Something is enjoyable, since there are many amusing cute scenes. We get to laugh while the camera points at us, and also when the camera doesn’t. So it wasn’t really stressful at most of the times.

However, Last Summer requires both of us to be stressed in most of the scenes in order to create tension for the movie. It takes lots of energy. Filming a horror movie isn’t easy as it looks. Since most of the horrifying scenes are made by CGs or sounds, and while filming there was nothing, so it is essential to look as horrified as the movie requires. Also, in Last Summer, the characters Singh and Meen aren’t close, and we only get to perform in just a few scenes which the characters interact for just several ones.

Q: Have you encountered any ghostly experience before?

Kao-Jirayu: Never, and I’m very thrilled of spirits even I have never seen before. Maybe they know I am thrilled of them and I would be shock if they appear.

PunPun: I have never encountered ghostly experience my own before.

Q: Are you a horror movie fan? Name one horror movie that left you the deepest impression.

Kao-Jirayu: I’m not a big fan for horror movies but I watch them sometimes to accompany my friends. Possession is my most impressed horror movie and it haunts me. It talks about a girl who gets a mystery box, later she starts to change gradually because of the cursed spirit inside the box and it is possessing her life. It’s very scary.

PunPun: I can say that I am a horror movie fan, because I want to feel the tastes of them. The horror movie that left me the deepest impression was “Laddaland”, I’m not trying to brag my movie or anything, but I just felt most scared while watching it. It gives out the full taste of family drama and horror scenes are dreadfully horrifying.

Q: How do you juggle between acting & school?

Kao-Jirayu: I have to manage time for both studying and acting together. I will take jobs only what I can afford to do so. Study-wise, I catch it up with my friends because sometimes my class schedule changes but I’m lucky to have nice friends who support me and it helps me manage both of them well.

PunPun: I always catch up classes that I have missed with my friends or my teachers to ensure that I don't’ fall behind.

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Q: Given a chance, will you want to act in horror movies again? Why?

Kao-Jirayu: I think it depends on chance and the time pace. Personally, I can play any role; and still keen on roles in horror films, but if you asked me, I would prefer something different from what I have played before.

Of course I would. I feel like horror movies give me so many experiences in life, and I am also able to prove myself that I can pass through it.
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