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Emma Stone 'Meets' Another Spice Girl Member!

By InCinemas  /  11 Apr 2014 (Friday)

Watch Emma Stone as she meets another member from her childhood idol group - Spice Girls. The self-proclaim die-hard Spice Girls fan freaks out so adorably-cute we have to share!

It wasn't too long ago when the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 actress teared up during an interview for the movie when she received a personal video message from Scary Spice (Mel B)!

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This time in a U.K radio show, also during an interview to promote the superhero flick, radio DJs chatted with Stone and Andrew Garfield about Stone's love with the group and she gamely performed a rendition of the band's song "Stop", before the hosts surprised her with a live video chat with Sporty Spice, Mel C!

Though she didn't quite reduced to tears but looking at her eyes widening in shock when she heard the news is as charming and adorable.

Chisholm apologized to Stone for 'the Spice Girls hijacking all of your promos', but the actress replied in the cutest, fan-girl way we hope she gets to meet (face-to-face) with her favourite member - Baby Spice!

We're crossing our fingers for another  'Emma Stone-Spice Girl' video soon!

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