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Anticipating the Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

By InCinemas  /  14 Apr 2011 (Thursday)

One of the most anticipated movies in Singapore - Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Featuring Jack Sparrow, Angelica, Barbossa and Blackbeard in its latest movie poster, the excitement is already drowning me in anticipation of this adventure to the 'Fountain of Youth'. You can see the obvious as I'm already missing the 'Captain' somewhere.

On this trip, we're not only going to see the mentioned characters, but also the black pearl, the zombies and the beautiful mermaids. Speaking of which, did you notice the 3 captivating mermaids on the rock at the bottom right of the movie poster?

Here's the enlarged picture of them. They even got their hairs in different colours! =)

Well, I'm pretty sure that they will be playing an important role in Captain Jack Sparrow's adventure to the 'Fountain of Youth'. From the trailer below, most probably in the negative way but you'll hear Blackbeard saying that we will need 1 mermaid. Irregardless, who can resist the temptation if mermaids really do exist?

Share your thoughts with me, at the comments section below! =)

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