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The 'Hello' in 'Goodbye', in Karen Mok's Latest Album - 'Departures'.

By InCinemas  /  29 Apr 2015 (Wednesday)
In Singapore to promote her album and meet her local fans, singer-actress Karen Mok also performed and presented an award at the 2015 Star Awards last Sunday.


At the media conference held at St Regis Hotel, the Hong Kong singer, now based in London with her husband shared her inspiration behind her new album ‘《不散,不見》Departures’ and why the word ‘goodbye’ holds so much meaning in her life.

“This word ‘departures’ holds a special meaning to me,” said Mok. “Apart from going away for a vacation, life itself is like a journey. For so many years, my job has given me the opportunity to travel around the world and just constantly heading to the next destination.”

Then there’s a time to bid goodbye.

“Perhaps many people will associate the word ‘goodbye’ with regrets or sadness, but I don’t feel so. On the contrary, I feel that this word ‘goodbye’ is only a temporary period and because of the parting that makes us look forward to meeting each other again.”


The sudden death of her father who passed away of a heart attack last year came as a shock, but Mok shared that it enabled her to channel her emotions into the song. “There were a lot of words I wanted to convey through this song and channelled all those feelings and thoughts into the melody… so this song ‘Bu San, Bu Jian’ holds a significant meaning to me.

Recording the song wasn’t an easy task as well, but for the veteran singer, she knew exactly when and how to balance her emotions with her vocals. She recalled: “You have to bring the right emotions to the song but at the same time be able to control those feelings. It was quite weird.”

“I remembered we recorded the song about five to six times and during the last session, we let go of our inner inhibitions. After I sung the song, I was trembling! My hands were numbed but I’m glad we achieved that feeling.”

Just before the media conference ended, Mok shared that she hopes to be back in Singapore next year to hold a full-fledged concert.
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