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8 Super Easy DIY Halloween Costumes Inspired by Movie Characters!

By InCinemas  /  27 Oct 2015 (Tuesday)

Halloween is just around the corner. Here are 8 very easy DIY costumes, for the last-minute partygoers, inspired by some of your favourite movies!


1) Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out

Let your emotions take charge 


This can be really easy and come’on, we know you secretly want to gather your friends to pull off this visually-enticing Halloween costuming together. 


What to wear: Each to wear the colour T-shirt of an emotion. Try to match the bright colours with your skirt/trousers as well. If you want to take it to the next level, get those wigs coming!


2) Addams Family 

Black is the new… well, black! 


What to wear: Black dress, black shirt, black top, black hair, black shoes, black everything! Yes, even your expression - ‘blackface’ (Singlish for someone who pulls a long face)!


3) Magic Mike XXL

Shirtless men with colourful ties. Oh how we love Halloween to be!



What to wear: A black leather jacket or blazer, long black pants and a colourful tie. You would want your tie to be as eye-popping as possible to draw attention to your bod. 


4) Minions



What to wear: Yellow top or sweatshirt with denim or blue overalls. Don’t forget the blue gloves and black boots. Oh yes, silver pop-up goggles to complete the look. 


5) Our Times

Bring back the school uniforms 


What to wear: If you think you are still able to fit into your school uniforms, by all means gather a few of your friends and reminisce the good times during your school days! 


6)  Zero Moustafa from The Grand Budapest Hotel

Be the scene-stealing lobby boy


What to wear: Purple pants, collared long-sleeved purple coat with buttons all the way to the top. Don't forget the purple hat with gold wordings 'LOBBY BOY'. Head to the nearest costume shop to get your moustache or just use a market to if you're in a hurry.



7) Jurassic World

Owen's raptors gang


We would think most people will dress as Owen and Claire for this Halloween (Read: No.3 movie of all time), so why not dress as Delta, Blue, Charlie and Echo - the four 'pet' raptors of Owen! 


What to wear: Wear dark brown or dark greenish-blue from head to toe if you don't have a dinosaur suit. You don't have to get a dinosaur full-head mask, but it's advisable to do a DIY dinosaur tail. To make sure it looks convincing, grab a friend to be Owen and recreate the zookeeper meme. 


8) Mr Unbelievable 

Un Un Un Un Un… Don’t get us started.


What to wear: Floral shirt with brown or black trousers and remember the obiang (Singlish for tacky) shades! Before you hit the streets to sing your favourite song, head to NTUC to get your vegetable and cauliflower! 


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