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Star Wars Fans Queued for 24 Hours to Purchase Star Wars Tickets!

By Flora  /  17 Nov 2015 (Tuesday)

Avid fans of Star Wars queued at Shaw Lido to be amongst the first in Singapore to catch the highly-anticipated sequel of the movie series, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, when it opens in Singapore on December 17. 

First in line was drummer Nicholas Ho, who was there since 9pm the day before. "I was three when I watched my first Star Wars movie. I think it was Episode IV. I might not have understood what was going on, but I just stared at it and was mesmerized and captivated by it." 

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Yesterday, about 200 fans gathered outside Shaw Lido to get their hands on the coveted limited edition IMAX 3D Star Wars: The Force Awakens Package. Each movie bundle costs $180, containing two tickets to the midnight premiere screening, two additional tickets to another IMAX screening of the movie and two sets of limited-edition Star Wars collectibles. There were only 190 packages being sold in Singapore. 

Members of Star Wars fan groups such as the 501st Legion Singapore and FightSaber Singapore were there to show their support, dressing up as key characters from the sci-fi movie. 
In addition, a 30-day countdown timer has been set up just outside Shaw Lido to get fans and moviegoers alike excited for the 7th instalment of the series. 
Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens InCinemas 17 December 2015!
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