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Our Thoughts & Reactions on the 73rd Golden Globe Awards!

By Flora  /  11 Jan 2016 (Monday)


The 73rd Golden Globe Awards ended with a night of worthy winners, Steve Harvey jokes, and BFF couples. Actor-comedian Ricky Gervais hosted the glitzy award show at Beverly Hills, often jabbing at award nominees (a norm for award shows these days); chatting with the winners, peppered with profanities, no less; and the not-so-funny opening monologue. 
Although there are a couple of award-nominated movies that have yet to be screened in Singapore, here’s our take on the winners’ list at the Golden Globe Awards!

(Full List of Golden Globe Award Winners!)

'The Revenant' will only premiere in Singapore this February, based on the trailers we’ve seen and interviews we’ve read so far, the film seems to be a very deserving award winner. Director Alejandro González Iñárritu and his cast members mentioned in various interview about the working conditions on set. Because he wanted to minimise the number of CGI used in the film, the film crew travelled to icy mountains and chilly forest to ‘get that perfect shot’. 

Bagging the Best Actor (Drama) award is the film’s lead actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, another actor we will never stop liking. There’s no denying about his acting chops, and with all that he had done in the name of Film, he deserved this. If the Golden Globe Awards is any indicator as to who will win the coveted Oscars, we’re crossing our fingers for Mr. Leo! ‘Give that Oscar to him already!’

The other Best Picture (Musical/Comedy) award went to ‘The Martian’, although we never thought a space-themed dramatic thriller could be categorised as a ‘comedy’. (It’s definitely no musical). We loved the film, but it just doesn’t sit well when a good film like this becomes a ‘comedy’ once a few jokes get written into its screenplay. It’s no ‘Spy’ or ‘Trainwreck’, but we’re very glad Ridley Scott’s Mars-thriller won an award. 

Half of the Hollywood's hottest BFF couple: J-Law and her - now affectionally known ‘A-Schu’ (Amy Schumer) - partner, won the Best Actress (Musical/Comedy) for 'Joy'. Jennifer Lawrence is the biggest buzz in Hollywood right now, and is on a winning streak for her films for the past few years; bagging Golden Globe Awards, Academy Awards, BAFTA Awards and of course, what else but an entry in the Guinness World Records too! 

On the topic of BFFs Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer, is there a ‘Best Couple’ award that can be presented to that duo? Check out their hilarious banter!

Another beautiful and very talented actress, Brie Larson took home the Best Actress Award for ‘Room’, a role where film critics and moviegoers can’t help praising this up-and-coming A-list star. Keep your eyes on this 26 years-old, for there will be more of Larson to look forward to. We feel that this is the first of her many coming big achievements in the next few years.
Room officially opens in local cinemas this Thursday, and we urge you to catch her now award-winning performance. 

Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress went to Sylvester Stallone and Kate Winslet for Creed and Steve Jobs respectively. Stallone received the night’s first standing ovation, perhaps because of his seniority in show business. Winslet might have won the award, but the internet is crazy over the 2-second ‘Titanic Reunion’ with Leonardo DiCaprio. They will forever be our Jack and Rose!

Pete Doctor’s 'Inside Out' bagged the Best Motion Picture (Animation) for their story revolving around human’s five main emotions. A heartwarming story that captivated the world, both young and old. We named this film as the Best Animation of 2015 in our ‘InC's 2015 Movies Roundup’, so you can imagine our Joy when we heard the film title being announced. We interviewed Doctor and co-director Ronnie Del Carmen on their filmmaking experience, read our interview here!

The next mega star-studded award show to look forward to is none other than the Academy Awards, also known as the ‘Oscars’ - Hollywood’s highest honour of cinematic achievements. 

Catch the live stream of the Academy Award nomination at 9.30pm on 14 Jan here!
[UPDATE] Find out who are the Oscar nominees here!

What the live show of the 88th Annual Academy Awards via HBO channel on Monday, February 29 at 9.30am! 

What are your thoughts on the Golden Globe Awards? Share with us your thoughts in the comments, below!
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