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Catch Award-winning films at the Francophonie Festival 2016!

By Flora  /  02 Mar 2016 (Wednesday)

Held from 10 to 22 March at Alliance française, the new edition of the Francophonie festival will feature a series of cultural events that include film premieres and Oscar-nominated films, international exhibitions and topical conferences. 

This year the festival is taking a step forward in bringing the most promising productions of each francophone countries contributing to the unique and vibrant local cultural scene, with representatives of Belgium, Canada and Switzerland. Francophone cultures will take shapes from Serangoon to Sentosa – with many events hosted at Alliance française.

Francophonie Festival 2016
Date: 10 - 22 March 2016
Venue: Alliance française

(More information of the Francophonie Festival 2016, here!)

For the movie fans, don’t miss the world premiere of Yann Samuell’s 'Le Fantôme de Canterville' as Francophonie 2016 curtain-raiser, and Deniz Gamze Ergüven’s ‘Mustang’, one of the films that has been nominated at the 2016 Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film. 

The public can also meet Edwy Plenel, famous French political journalist who shook-up the world of digital journalism, but also listen to the beautiful chansons of Noga and Patrick Bebey, and travel to the middle-east through a series of photographs exposed at Alliance française gallery.

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