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Join the Squad. Go #SquadYourself with the Suicide Squad Icon Generator!

By Flora  /  25 Jun 2016 (Saturday)

Because #SquadGoals.

First we got to ‘Peanutize’ ourselves with cute references from Charlie Brown characters, followed by the deal to ‘Angrify’ ourselves when The Angry Birds Movie was released. Now Warner Bros. is giving their own spin to the icon/meme generator with this pretty badass ‘Squad Yourself’ generator to promote the upcoming DC film, Suicide Squad

We’re not going to deny that our secret Christmas wish for Santa (since the past 10 years) is to join this super villain team… and I guess this is the closest we can get to be ‘them’. 

First, you can either take the 5-step customisable route, or click ‘generate one’ if you're too lazy. Honestly, you can be that sluggish to just click a few options from time to time. 

Step 1: Picking the right Skull

I bet you never knew picking skull shapes could be that tedious, huh! 

Step 2: Choosing the ‘facial’ features

This is the fun part. Select the shapes for your eyes, nose, mouth and hair. There are plenty of combinations to choose from. We love the options for the ‘hair’, which just gives your overall skull an extra volume to it. You’ll recognise some familiar selections inspired from the 11-member team, like the ponytailed option.

Step 3: Style your Skull

Now that the skeleton of it is done. You can add facial hair, spectacles, accessories and even little cool tatts (because they know you secretly want this) to it. 

Step 4: Name it!

This is harder than we thought! This task is as important as naming your pet parrot because you want it to be rebelliously-awesome sounding, yet not becoming too hipster.
Just click ‘Randomize’. 

Step 5: Framing your Masterpiece

This is where your Primary school Arts lesson comes in handy. It’s all about whipping out that mental image of the colour wheel and going all 'Picasso' on the contrasting or completing colours. 

Step 6: Share and Boast!

This is the time to Tweet and Instagram to share with your friends how creative you are, or you can just download and keep it in your ‘downloads’ folder and never take a second look at it. 

We're kidding. Another option, and probably the best option is to share with us your creation! Tweet (@InCinemasSG)/Instagram (@InCinemasSG)/Facebook us! We’d love to see what you came up with! 

 Lo and behold, introducing 'Parasitic Pinky' (FYI, I thought of this name and I am very proud of it) and 'Storm Commander', created by InCinemas!

Don’t forget, Suicide Squad opens InCinemas 4 Aug 2016!
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