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Sex And Zen movie posters found in Male toilet!

By InCinemas  /  05 Jul 2011 (Tuesday)
Okay seriously, after we first saw the picture of Sex And Zen posters in the toilet from Golden Village Pictures Facebook page, we're actually rather curious to find out how it feels like to visit its restroom. And earlier today, we actually had the opportunity when we went to GV Plaza Singapura for a movie and here's what we've found in the male toilet at level 7.

Sure enough, there were Sex And Zen movie posters above each urinal. We moved forth and a smile appeared on our face. Geez.. Is this really happening??

It became apparent that this topic is inevitable in the toilet. There were also other male patrons discussing about Sex And Zen while urinating. You are bound to notice it! There were questions like "Is this from Hong Kong or Korea?" and "Last time also have right?".

Most of us ended up taking pictures (more than one shot) with our mobile phones and gave some kind of smile to one another as we do so. It's quite funny to watch a bunch of adults snapping several pictures in front of the urinals, you know? And don't ask if we had washed our hands before doing so! As for myself, I certainly did! LOL..

And here's a close-up shot. Positioned just above the urinal so you can't missed the words "Unleash Your Desire" in the movie poster.

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What do you think of having these seductive posters of movies rated R21 in the male toilets as part of the movie publicity? Do you think its appropriate? Share it with us in our comments section below!

To parents, you may wish to avoid bringing young kids to the toilet so as not having to answer some awkward questions like "Daddy, what are they doing?". Your kids are refering to the ladies in the posters as well as the other males taking pictures of the posters. Lol..

Sex And Zen 3D is rated R21(Nudity, Sexual Scenes and Graphic Violence) and opens InCinemas 21 July 2011.

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