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Watch the First 3D Digital Dome Movie in Southeast Asia

By Freddy  /  24 Nov 2016 (Thursday)

Image credit: Omni-Theatre, Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore (SCS) Omni-Theatre first 8K 3D Dome Theatre just launched its inaugural 3D Digital Dome movie, Natural Selection 3D. The film follows the naturalist Charles Darwin’s discovery of the evolution of life on Earth and his theory of natural selection.

If you have not been to the Omni-Theatre for a few years, it might be a good time to revisit. They upgraded the theatre with a new, seamless screen and digital system using 5 Christie Mirage 304K projectors and Xpand Active Shutter 3D Glasses in May 2015.

Image credit: Omni-Theatre, Science Centre Singapore

The 3D technology in the Omni-Theatre surpasses what we get in standard cinemas. The dome-shaped screen gives greater depth to far objects, while near objects feel like they are within my hand’s reach. It did not make me dizzy during its 40-minute duration. Granted, it’s not perfect. Some objects seem to float at a few scenes and near objects may seem curved due to the shape of the screen. But I did not find them too disruptive, most of the time. It is the best 3D watching experience I have had so far, close to what I get wearing the Oculus Rift.

Natural Selection 3D
Date: from 19 November
Time: 2pm and 4pm daily
Venue: Omni-Theatre, Science Centre Singapore
Ticket price: $14.00
Purchase the tickets at Science Centre Singapore’s ticketing counter!

The film itself is entertaining and informative, managing to condense a plethora of information about Charles Darwin and his theory of natural selection within 40 minutes. Recommended for ages 10 and up, the film illustrates the theories with real examples and dioramas so that it is easy for children to understand.

The film has won a few awards such as the Audience Choice Award at 2010 Jena Fulldome Festival and Best Audio Track Award at 2010 Imiloa Fulldome Film Festival Award.

Image credit: Omni-Theatre, Science Centre Singapore

The SSC Omni-Theatre also features Live Planetarium Shows, where a science educator delivers a show using digital planetarium software. A new show “Secrets of the Christmas Star” will screen 21 - 25 December 2016.

Find out more about the shows available to SSC Omni-Theatre here!
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