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Obama Documentary Reflects on His Presidency

By Freddy  /  07 Jan 2017 (Saturday)

Nobody serves two periods as President of the United States without making impacts. President Barack Obama is probably especially more so than others. As his term comes to an end, HISTORY presents ‘President Obama: In His Own Words’.

This two-hour documentary features two interviews with President Obama conducted before and after the recent 2016 Presidential election. He will share his thoughts the state of the US when he was elected, what it has become, and what he thinks its future will be under the next President. Interviews with members of his staff and the press are also included.

President Obama is the first African-American President of the United States and is also the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize laureate for his efforts to promote nuclear non-proliferation and to foster a better climate in international relations.

We all know his legacy goes well beyond this meme.

‘President Obama: In His Own Words’ premieres 16 January 2017, Monday 8PM on the same day of the US telecast, on HISTORY (StarHub TV Ch 401)
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