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The Actual Things Drew Barrymore had to Eat in 'Santa Clarita Diet'.

By Flora  /  09 Feb 2017 (Thursday)

In the new Netflix show ‘Santa Clarita Diet’, Drew Barrymore plays an undead realtor who consumes human flesh (and all its body parts) when she’s hungry. If you’ve caught the series (you must!), you will see that Barrymore wolfs down intestines, guts, ears and her all-time favourite - finger food, literally! 

At the Netflix presentation yesterday, Barrymore revealed what were the actual things she had to devour that definitely didn’t look pleasant.
Also in attendance were co-star Timothy Olyphant, and Showrunner Victor Fresco.

“It was a lot of different stuff,” she said. “Some days it was dehydrated apple that looked like flesh, and on some days, it looked like weird edible rubber that tasted like Jolly Rancher. I had a wet cake to be a fake piece of chicken. Sometimes, it was a soup that had gone bad to make it look like vomit, that had actually curdled. IT was always a fun cornucopia.”

“Every day was interesting!”

And interesting it was. However, there was one fake food item had the 41-year-old actress grossing out. 

“Weirdly, of all things, it was the raw beef that almost made me yak in the sink… I was surprised that it was the one that got me and almost had me throw up.”

Santa Clarita Diet is currently streaming on Netflix.

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