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Participate in 2 Prominent Filmmakers’ Films at SIFA 2017!

By Flora  /  23 Feb 2017 (Thursday)

Singaporean director K Rajagopal and Filipino director Lav Diaz will be shooting their films as part of the Singapore International Festival of the Arts (SIFA), and audiences are expected to participate in their productions. 

The SIFA will run from 28 June to 9 September, revolving around the theme of ‘Enchantment’. 

‘A Yellow Bird’ director K. Rajagopal will be making an hour-long film based on a Punjabi wedding event from local author Balli Kaur Jaswal’s novel Inheritance, and ticket-holders will get to play the role of wedding guests. The finished film will then make its premiere on the final night of SIFA.

On the other hand, renowned filmmaker Lav Diaz will shoot his latest film in Singapore, where festival participants will be able to go on-set to see him work, as well as to learn more about Diaz’s films from the director himself. 

More details will be released on a later date. Stay tuned to InCinemas for updates!
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