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It’s all About Wonder Woman Goddess Goodness at DC Comics Superhero Cafe.

By Flora  /  11 May 2017 (Thursday)

The Princess of the Amazons ‘conquers’ the DC Comics Superhero Cafe located at Marina Bay Sands this May, with a special Wonder Woman menu, exclusive Wonder Woman merchandise and a slew of events leading up to the premiere of the Wonder Woman movie, opening InCinemas 1 June 2017!

Feast on the ‘Themyscira: My Salad Origin’ to start your meal, followed by two special mini burgers ‘Truth & Beauty Mini Burgers’ - a combination of chicken and steak burgers, topped with mozzarella cheese and shiitake mushroom respectively. 

Alternatively, the ‘Paradise Island Mac & Cheese’, the ultimate comfort food for many, might be your go-to choice. A classic bowl of conchiglie rigate baked in special 5-cheese sauce and mentaiko sauce, flavoured with white button mushrooms, turkey bacon and garlic. 

Chef Martin Woo, the man behind the new creations, shared that he was inspired by the feminism and empowerment of the titular character, with emphasis on her home, the paradise island of Themyscira.

(Watch the trailers of 'Wonder Woman' here!)

Don’t forget to order the Wonder Woman’s power drink, an ice-blended beverage created with salted caramel popcorn flavour, or select the caffeinated ‘Founders of Justice: Wonder Woman & Batman’, a hot cuppa of strawberry latte. 

The merchandise displayed at the cafe is a heaven for the fans of the superhero. From notebooks to coasters, T-shirts to handbags, explore the whole collection at the store, located just beside the cafe! 

Wonder Woman Design Competition 

Design enthusiasts out there, don’t miss the live design marathon for a chance to see your own artworks produced into unique merchandise, under the Wonder Woman collection. 

Date: 20 May 2017
Venue: Bugis+ Level 2 Atrium 
Time: 11am - 8pm
Duration of Competition: 4 hours
  • $25 (Student)
  • $30 (Public)

(Head to the official website for more information on the competition!)

Wonder Woman Gallery & Game Stations

Don’t miss the immersive and interactive stations, also happening at Bugis+ on 20th May. 

The gallery offers a 360° view of all things Wonder Woman- from the character's history to behind the scenes of the movie, as well as, the creative process of designing Wonder Woman merchandise. Don't miss this opportunity to take photos of Wonder Woman props replicas too! In addition, there will be game stations where shoppers can unleash the warrior in them and customise their own gauntlets, and complete a short quiz to win vouchers. 

Wonder Woman opens InCinemas 1 June 2017!
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