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Get to Know RADWIMPS - the Band Behind 'Your Name' Original Soundtrack

By InCinemas  /  05 Jun 2017 (Monday)

Credit: Alvin Ho

RADWIMPS recently came to Singapore for a one-night concert to kick off their 2017 Asia Live Tour. Other tour stops include Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Taipei, and Shanghai. InCinemas spoke with three members of the band on their music, 'Your Name' and the future of RADWIMPS.

Before the success of their soundtrack for Your Name, RADWIMPS was already one of the biggest bands in Japan with several of their singles (Order Made, Dede) as well as their latest studio album Human Bloom topping the Japanese Billboard and the Oricon chart. However, it was their soundtrack for the critically acclaimed, commercially successful anime last year that made the band a household name both in Japan and internationally.

Despite that, the thought of doing another anime soundtrack isn’t on the band’s collective mind at the moment. “With Your Name, we got on board out of our respect for [Your Name's] director Makoto Shinkai rather than a particular interest in anime soundtracks,” frontman Yojiro Noda shared. For now, the band prefer to focus on making their own music. In the meanwhile, though, fans of the manga series “Tokyo Ghoul” may rejoice because Yojiro Noda is making the theme song for the upcoming live action movie version, under his solo stage name ‘Illion’. The movie will be released in Singapore on 03 August.

Photo Courtesy of: Universal Music Singapore

The soundtrack for 'Your Name' wasn't the only thing keeping RADWIMPS busy last year. While the members wrote and recorded the songs on the 'Your Name' soundtrack individually, they also came together to work on their ninth album 'Human Bloom'. Released last November, the album proved to be a hugh success as it hit #1 on both Oricon chart and Japanese Billboard.

All the songs on this album seem equally dear to the members. Asked to pick a favourite, both Noda and bassist Yusuke Takeda struggled to answer. Guitarist Akira Kuwahara mulled over the question for a while before sharing that he particularly liked 'Sparkle' and listened to it regularly.

2017 marks the 13th year the four members Yojiro Noda, Yusuke Takeda, Akira Kuwahara and Yamaguchi Satoshi (who is currently on an indefinite hiatus due to medical reasons) have been together. To keep the band going strong after such a long time is an achievement in itself. When asked about the secret of their longevity, Takeda half-jokingly compared the band to a marriage where it is all about compromising and managing expectations, or in his words, "just give up". Noda shared the same sentiment with his bandmate, "if you take something, you'll lose something else. So don't expect anything."

They might have been joking about the marriage comparison, but a working relationship spanning almost one and a half decade must have taken no less commitment than an actual marriage. Here's hoping their "marriage" lasts and continues to bring us the phenomenal music we have come to expect from RADWIMPS.

RADWIMPS is currently on their 2017 Asia Live Tour. Their latest double-track single 'Saihateaini' and 'Senno' (Brain Washing) were released on 10 May. Check out the music videos below:

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