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[Set Visit] Military Tank Crushes Car in 'Ah Boys To Men 4'!

By Flora  /  06 Sep 2017 (Wednesday)
Director Jack Neo with a crushed car on the set of 'Ah Boys To Men 4'
Photo Credit: mm2 Entertainment

“This is biggest highlight in the film,” said director Jack Neo yesterday at the filming site of his upcoming film ‘Ah Boys To Men 4’.

The scene depicted a war-like debris involving 2 military tanks with overturned cars at a carpark of an old HDB block at Dover Road. Neo described the scene to the media, sharing that there will be explosions around the site, and one of the biggest highlight of the film - the crushing of a car by a military tank. 

Photo Credit: mm2 Entertainment

“This is going to be very different from the other films,” shared Neo. “It takes more time to reset each scene as these tanks take more time to move around. In addition, we have to do a lot of safety checks before we roll the take… there are a lot of things involved. My crew has to go for training too.”

Photo Credit: mm2 Entertainment

With 8 cameras set up for that 1-take scene including a drone shot, Neo explained that his team took months to prepare for it. Just these action sequences alone, it cost approximately $280 000. “Of course, this amount includes the things you don’t see, like the food, taxi claims and insurance for the cast and crew.”

He added: “There are very few movies like these in Singapore. So a lot of time was spent on learning and familiarising with the subject. We are afraid that it won’t be good. We are also afraid that we make mistakes… it’s always in our mind that we don’t want to make mistakes.”

Photo Credit: mm2 Entertainment

Ah Boys To Men 4 is slated to open InCinemas 9 November 2017!
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