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Singapore's Most Iconic Franchise Is Back!

By InCinemas  /  03 Oct 2023 (Tuesday)

Singapore’s most iconic movie franchise, Money No Enough, is back with a third instalment – Money No Enough 3《钱不够用3!

This marks the first feature production by HiJack Pictures, a joint-venture between celebrated local director Jack Neo 梁志强‘s J Team Productions and one of Singapore’s leading movie production & distribution outfit Clover Films.
Money No Enough became a sleeper hit after it was released in cinemas on 7 May 1998 and topped the local box office charts for a month. The movie collected an amazing S$5.8 million and held the top-grossing local and Asian movie record until it was beaten by Ah Boys To Men in 2012. It was directed by Tay Teck Lock 郑德禄, written by Jack Neo 梁志强 and starred Jack Neo 梁志强, Mark Lee李国煌 and Henry Thia程旭辉.
Money No Enough 2《钱不够用2 was released in cinemas 10 years later on 31 July 2008. Directed and co-written by Jack Neo 梁志强 this time, the movie continued to star the iconic trio. It collected S$4.8 million and remains as the 5thhighest-grossing Jack Neo’s movie, ranked after Ah Boys To Men 2, Ah Boys To Men 3, Ah Boys To Men and Money No Enough
After 15 years, Money No Enough 3《钱不够用3》 is finally ready to go into production and hit the big screens in 2024! With a production budget of S$2.8 million, the movie tells the story of Young Seniors Ah Hui, Ah Qiang and Ah Huang, who have been lifelong friends, and each face their own family and financial problems. In their attempt to join forces and support each another, their grand plan falls apart when the younger generation challenges the beliefs and value systems of the Young Seniors. Ah Huang's mounting debts drive him to desperate measures. He borrows money from Ah Qiang and Ah Hui, and builds illegal businesses that eventually prosper. However, his greed gets the better of him and he refuses to return any borrowed money from his trusting friends. Amidst his financial success, one of his businesses collapses, impacting not only his own family but also families of his two friends. Can the three friends and their families ever find a way to reconcile? Is money really the solution to everything?

The film is presented by HiJack Pictures and mm2 Entertainment; produced by HiJack Pictures, J Team Productions and B-01 Films, and co-distributed by Clover Films and Golden Village Pictures in Singapore.

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