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Stay Alive this Halloween at Bugis Junction and Bugis+

By Edric  /  13 Oct 2017 (Friday)

Want to be a Zombie Slayer this Halloween? 

This Halloween, Bugis Junction and Bugis+ are daring you to face your fears with a larger-than-life immersive virtual reality (VR) gaming experience. This is the first time that malls in Singapore are hosting a VR experience of this scale. Three thrilling games are available for shoppers to test their courage namely, Walk the Plank (at Bugis Junction) with Time Zombies and Arizona Sunshine Zombie (at Bugis+).

Time Zombies uses the latest in Arctic Fox wireless technology that allows a fully immersive gaming experience with no wires attached. This frees up the player from cumbersome cables or backpack computers that hinders physical movement. The VR gaming showcase at Bugis Junction and Bugis+ this Halloween marks Arctic Fox’s debut in Southeast Asia.

Time Zombies VR Competition

Want to pit your zombie slaying skills to the test against other gun wielding zombie slayers? Head down to Bugis+ Atrium, level 2 from today 13 October to 29 October and take part in the Time Zombies VR Competition. Shoppers can either present a receipt with a minimum spending of $20 or redeem one game play with 100 STAR$ via the CapitaStar app to take part in the competition.

Step into the shoes of detectives travelling through time in pursuit of Dr Virago, a time-travelling mad scientist, and stop him before he sparks off a zombie apocalypse. Surrounded from a frenzied horde of flesh-eating zombies, shoppers are challenged to stay calm and aim for consecutive headshots that will exponentially increase their scores. Look out for those floating power ups to help in your fight against the living dead.

Qualifying rounds will take place between 13 to 26 October from 11am to 9pm daily. The top 10 players will be selected on 26 October at 9pm. The final showdown among the top 10 players taking place on 29 October from 2pm to 6 pm.

Exciting prizes await the top 10 players, which include:
1st place  - $1,000 CapitaVouchers, plus Samsung S7 Edge x1 and Logitech Speaker x1
2nd place - $800 CapitaVouchers, plus Samsung S7 Edge x1 and Logitech Speaker x1
3rd place - $500 CapitaVouchers, plus Samsung S7 Edge x1 and Logitech Speaker x1
4th – 10th place – S100 CapitaVouchers each
In addition to the top 10 prizes, daily awards await you when you take part in the Time Zombies VR Competition. Stand to receive STAR$ when you meet a minimum game score of 1,000 points which will be awarded daily after tabulating the day’s game scores.
-       1,000 – 1,999 game points = 1,000 STAR$
-       2,000 – 2,999 game points = 2,000 STAR$
-       3,000 – 3,999 game points = 3,000 STAR$
-       4,000 – 4,999 game points = 4,000 STAR$
-       5,000 game points and above = 5,000 STAR$
*Every 5,000 STAR$ accumulated can be used to redeem $5 CapitaVouchers.  

The other two non-competitive VR games are also available. From 6 to 15 October, you can challenge your fear of heights with an exhilarating plank walk 50 stories above the ground while dodging creepy crawlies flying at you with Walk the Plank. Arizona Sunshine Zombie is also available from 13 to 29 October. The game challenges players to brave the blistering heat and scour the Arizonan desert for fellow survivors of the zombie apocalypse.
To take part in these games, simply head to the VR booth at Bugis Junction in front of Hotel Intercontinental with a minimum spending of $20 in a single receipt at either Bugis Junction or Bugis+. Alternatively, you can redeem one game play with 100 STAR$ via the CapitaStar app.
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