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Mayday releases their first ever 3D movie 'Mayday 3DNA'!

By InCinemas  /  04 Aug 2011 (Thursday)
[Mayday 3DNA Poster, Movie Teaser and Trailer Included!]
Advance tickets to 'Mayday 3DNA' available from 11 August onwards!

Taiwanese rock band Mayday presents their first ever 3D concert-drama movie, MAYDAY 3DNA! After two years of production, MAYDAY 3DNA is opening in Singapore and eight other countries on 15 September, including Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Australia.

Besides being the first Mandarin 3D concert-drama movie, MAYDAY 3DNA is also Mayday’s debut movie project. The movie brings together state-of-the-art 3D technology, forty-four segments of concert footages from “Mayday DNA World Tour”, and three interwoven storylines, starring actors Rene Liu, Richie Jen and Lam Suet.

The Singapore and Taipei legs of the “Mayday DNA World Tour” tickets were sold out within hours of release. The movie MAYDAY 3DNA will give fans another opportunity to experience the sell-out concert, as well as a different perspective and insight into their music.

MAYDAY 3DNA is screening for a limited season from 15 September in Singapore, exclusive to Golden Village cinemas in 3D. Fans of Mayday in Singapore will be amongst the first in Asia to grab MAYDAY 3DNA tickets starting from 11 August via Golden Village sales channels! Tickets are selling at $20 and a special price at $18 for Golden Village Movie Club members.

[MAYDAY 3DNA Movie Teaser] - (Find its Trailer below!)

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In addition, Golden Village has organized a MAYDAY 3DNA movie premiere MAYDAY 3DNA Premiere Party on 8 September at GV Marina, just two days after the World Premiere in Taipei! Mayday’s biggest fans who cannot wait to watch MAYDAY 3DNA, will also be able to purchase tickets from Golden Village sales channels starting 11 August. Tickets are selling at $28 and a special price at $26 for Golden Village Movie Club members. 

Besides being one of the first in Asia to watch MAYDAY 3DNA, Premiere audiences at this special party will also get an exclusive MAYDAY 3DNA poster and a limited edition Golden Village Movie Club ‘blue’ lightstick!

MAYDAY 3DNA Overview

MAYDAY 3DNA is distributed in Singapore by Golden Village Pictures.

Okay I need to share this interesting picture that I've came across when browsing through Mayday 3DNA. Notice the words 'Wake Up!' and 'Dream On!'? =P 

The Chinese words on the screen writes "Only you can decide your own DNA!", and it is inspiring because it tells you to take control of your fate, despite the fact that DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is genetic! You can take charge of your destiny if you wish to! So, I guess it means waking up now and live your life to the fullest! Dont be afraid to have dreams!

Such positive themes may be included in Mayday 3DNA. Remember that there are three interwoven storylines, starring actors Rene Liu, Richie Jen and Lam Suet in the movie. Quite excited to see how it'll turn out. For a start, watch its official trailer right below!

[MAYDAY 3DNA Official Movie Trailer]

Final Note: Mayday 3DNA opens 15 September 2011 and advance tickets sale will be available from 11 August onwards. Remember to also join us on InCinemas Facebook Page =)

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