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‘The White Storm 2: Drug Lords' Starring Andy Lau and Louis Koo to Release in 2019!

By Flora  /  25 Jul 2018 (Wednesday)

Photo Credit: Clover Films

Directed by Herman Yau, produced and starring Andy Lau, THE WHITE STORM 2: DRUG LORDS 《扫毒2: 天地对决》is slated to release in Singapore in 2019! 

A highly-anticipated sequel also stars Louis Koo, Karena Lam, Michael Miu, Cherrie Ying, Chrissie Chau and Cheung Kwok Keung. At the film commencement press conference in Hong Kong, the stars were escorted to the movie set, an exact replica of the Central Hong Kong MTR which cost more than HK$10 million and more than 5 months to create. 

Photo Credit: Clover Films

The story talks about the storm in the drug trade after Dee expanded his drug trafficking business to collaborate with the drug kingpin of Mexico, along with multiple incidents of ‘stealing from the thieves’. Philanthropist Yu who detests drugs to the core after witnessing his own father fall prey to drugs during his childhood offered a bounty of HK$100 million for the capture of Hong Kong’s drug lord. Constable Lin who was gathering evidence against Dee is in a dilemma when the offer of the bounty puts Dee in danger. Incidentally, Lin is also tempted by the potential windfall should he compromise on his integrity and hands Dee over. When the dark secrets emerge, an inevitable storm ensues. 

Watch the prequel, The White Storm trailer:

Clover Films has picked up the Singapore distribution rights for THE WHITE STORM 2: DRUG LORDS, with great expectations following the box office success of its prequel.

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