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The White Storm 2: Drug Lords hits $1 million at the local box office

By Say Peng  /  06 Aug 2019 (Tuesday)

The White Storm 2: Drug Lords has surpassed a stunning SGD $1 million at the box office since its release on 11 July in Singapore! The action-packed movie, produced by and starring Asian superstar Andy Lau has generated good word-of-mouth among movie-goers, keeping it as the top Asian movie in Singapore for the past 3 weekends at the box office. The movie is also now at No.3 position among this year’s top grossing Asian Films in Singapore.
Clover Films’ Managing Director, Mr Lim Teck said, “We are very happy that the movie has connected well with the Singapore audience and managed to do well at the box-office despite the intense competition. We are thankful that we did not let down the immense efforts of producer Andy Lau, the cast and production team of this movie. Let’s hope that the movie can continue to do well in Singapore and all across Asia!”

Directed by renowned Hong Kong director Herman Yau, The White Storm 2 stars Andy Lau, Louis Koo, Michael Miu, and Karena Lam. The movie tells the story of Yu Shun-Tin (Andy Lau), gang leader - Yu Nam’s nephew, a smart and sober adherent of principles and loyalty and Jizo (Louis Koo) a cold-blooded but wise man who secretly keeps running drug business without Nam’s knowledge. Ordered by Nam, Tin taught Jizo a lesson by cutting off his fingers, expelling him from the gang. 15 years later, the local drug market is now quadripartite. Jizo becomes the biggest drug dealer in Hong Kong, while Tin has now changed into a financial tycoon and a philanthropist. Tin is offering a 100 million bounty to eliminate the #1 drug dealer in Hong Kong, causing a stir in the society and underworld.

The White Storm 2: Drug Lords is still showing in cinemas island-wide in Singapore.

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