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Watch the latest trailer to action film 'G Storm'!

By InCinemas  /  26 Nov 2021 (Friday)
Check out the new trailer of the final instalment of the anti-corruption Storm series, G Storm 《G风暴》!

Following Z 风暴, S 风暴, L 风暴, P 风暴, this action-packed crime thriller brings us on the final adventure with ICAC investigators Luk (Louis Koo 古天乐) and Ching (Kevin Cheng 郑嘉颖) as this time they face their biggest obstacle yet – human trafficking.

From the latest trailer, expect more high-speed car chases, intense gun shootouts and gripping action sequences in this final chapter. Even director David Lam 林德禄 exclaims that the amount of bullets used in this film alone is more than the amount used in the previous 4 films combined! On top of that, we will also be releasing a making-of video tomorrow (24 Nov), so keep a lookout for that!
Featuring a star-studded cast – Louis Koo 古天乐, Julian Cheung张智霖, Kevin Cheng 郑嘉颖, Jessica Hsuan 宣萱, Bosco Wong 黄宗泽 and Malaysian star Rosyam Nor, brace for the action and excitement this New Year’s Eve on 31 Dec!
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