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Espionage Thriller ’S Storm’ Opens In Singapore this September!

By Flora  /  20 Aug 2016 (Saturday)

Sequel to 2014’s action-thriller 'Z Storm', 'S Storm' boasts a stellar cast such as Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Vic Chou, Ada Choi, Bowie Lam and Dada Chan.

Anticipation is high for the sequel because it has been nearly ten years since Julian and Louis last worked closely together on a film. The first collaboration between the both TVB-managed artistes was in 1996 for a TVB drama, Cold Blood Warm Heart and moved on to a 1998 action thriller movie, The Suspect. Both the Hong Kong veteran actors starred in Triumph in the Skies in 2015 but rarely had any scenes together. 

The sequel follows the handsome ICAC unit (Independent Commission Against Corruption) officer, played by Louis Koo, and Julian Cheung who plays a senior policeman on a mission to break an anti-corruption case. As frenemies, both of them have never gotten along well but they managed to combat the corruption as a pair…

S Storm opens InCinemas 15 Sep 2016!
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