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New Movies InCinemas This September

By InCinemas  /  03 Sep 2018 (Monday)
Welcome to September! It’s a month where creatures in all shapes and sizes are coming, while action is ignited onscreen.
When the suspense kicks in, it’s time to have a few laughs along the way!
[Click on the movie titles for more film info]
The Nun   (opens 6 Sep)
This horror flick is a spin-off movie from ‘The Conjuring’ universe after the successful ‘Annabelle’ spin-off movies. The story delves into dark secrets and the aftermath of a Romanian nun’s suicide in 1951. Prepare for (unexpected) jump scares.

Peppermint   (opens 6 Sep)
Action thriller starring Jennifer Garner as a mother seeking justice after her husband and daughter are killed in a drive-by shooting.
A revenge-seeking vigilante flick from the director of the first ‘Taken’.

The Spy Gone North (Korean)   (opens 6 Sep)
A South Korean spy is sent to uncover secrets of North Korea in this political thriller filled with twists and turns in its plot.

Also opening on 6 Sep:
The Wife
Buffalo Boys
My Little Monster (Jap)

The Predator   (opens 13 Sep)
A group of military veterans must form a team to battle alien predators with a new genetically modified predator wreaking havoc. The filmmakers have stated that this is not a reboot of the 1987 film. Whatever. As long as there’s bigger, better, badass action, we’re in!

A Simple Favor   (opens 13 Sep)
A woman goes searching for answers after her best friend suddenly disappears in this mystery thriller.
Can’t wait to uncover the truth.

The Happytime Murders   (opens 13 Sep)
In a fictional world where humans and puppets live side-by-side, two detectives (one human and one puppet)
investigates a series of murders involving puppets as the immerse themselves in a deadly conspiracy.

Also opening on 13 Sep:
Bel Canto
The Mystery Of Burma: Beyond The Dote-Hta-Waddy

Johnny English Strikes Again   (opens 20 Sep)
Rowan Atkinson stars as the bumbling spy who is called in again for a new mission. Wait…why are you reading the plot for this movie? Don’t you just want to watch him do funny things and laugh yourself silly? Heh.

Golden Job (HK)   (opens 20 Sep)
A group of former mercenaries get caught up in the middle of a heist pulled by an international drug lord in this action-packed thriller. It’s being quite a while since we last saw a big budget all-out Chinese action movie.

Monstrum (Korean)   (opens 20 Sep)
Big-budget Korean monster movie about a man-eating creature, set in the Joseon Dynasty.
It’s up to an exiled soldier, his daughter and a royal messenger to save the day.

Destination Wedding   (opens 20 Sep)
Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder play characters who meet-cute, suffers through a wedding weekend and somehow fall in love in this romantic comedy. Worth watching just for their age-defying youthful looks alone.

Also opening on 20 Sep:
The Children Act
Langsuir (Malay)
On Your Wedding Day (Korean)
Searching   (opens 27 Sep)
In this suspense thriller, a father must retrace his missing daughter’s digital footprints via social media, emails and web video.

Smallfoot   (opens 27 Sep)
An Abominable Snowman (aka Bigfoot) must prove to his community that mythical humans are real in this animated comedy with a clever premise that turns a myth upside down.

Also opening on 27 Sep:
Killing For The Prosecution (Jap)
Hell Fest
Sabrina (Indonesian)
2001: A Space Odyssey (IMAX Exclusive)

(All release dates are for Singapore, and are subject to change)

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