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Stop the 'Bird Box Challenge', Warns Netflix

By Flora  /  03 Jan 2019 (Thursday)

Photo Credit: E! News

We love Netflix’s latest thriller, Bird Box, which set a new record for the streaming site for the most-watched first 7 days ever for a Netflix film!

People have been professing their love for the post-apocalyptic psychological movie through ways that the internet knows best - memes and videos where they film themselves blindfolded and attempting to complete tasks, called the #BirdBoxChallenge. 

While some videos online are innocent and purely done in good fun, some took it too far by running close to traffic, causing public nuisance and in this instance, causing this little kid to run into walls. Ouch. 

In the movie directed by Danish filmmaker Susanne Bier, Sandra Bullock stars as one of the last survivors of the mysterious, supernatural entities, causing mass suicides across the world after appearing as the victim’s worst fears or regrets. At any time, if anyone looks at the creatures, they will be infected with the deadly disease that ultimately leads to their demise. 

The film has been compared to the successful thriller, “A Quiet Place” that starred celebrity it-couple John Kransinski and Emily Blunt. 

Guys, Sandra Bullock knew was she was doing in order to act out her scenes SAFELY. She revealed her filming process at The Ellen Show where there were scenes that she will eliminate one layer of the blindfold so that she knew where she was going. 

Because humans can’t be trusted with our brains, it has come to the point where Netflix has warned viewers against the viral challenge.

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