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Up-and-coming Chinese streaming platform Vidfish boasts Chinese blockbuster shows for viewers

By Say Peng  /  31 Jan 2019 (Thursday)

Still from "My Amazing Boyfriend 2: Unforgettable Impression"

This Chinese New Year, video streaming platform Vidfish is bringing new Mainland Chinese blockbuster shows to its mobile app (available at the App Store or Google Play).

Since its launch this year, the app has provided 12,000 hours of premium uninterrupted Mainland Chinese online content, available outside China, including the Chinese blockbuster web show “When We Were Young” which garnered more than 700 million views in China.

The new shows Vidfish has launched, and will be launching soon, are "Flipped”, “Cambrian Period” and “My Amazing Boyfriend 2: Unforgettable Impression.” 

Starring Kido Gao Han Yu and Chen Yu Mi, "Flipped" has already accumulated 300 million views in China in just three weeks.

The show follows about Qi Xun (Kido Gao Han Yu) who has the superpower ability to teleport via images. He is a superhuman with only one problem: he gets a splitting headache whenever he uses his power.

One day he meets a Healer, Feng Shuang Shuang (Chen Yu Mi) by chance. In his process of finding out her identity, Qi Xun falls in love with this mysterious girl, uncovering their intertwined family secrets of the previous generation that may force them apart. 

Starring Mike He, Neo Hou, and Zhou Yutong, "Cambrian Period" follows a simple and kind-hearted girl, Tang Yin, who failed in her acting foray and decides to start afresh by traveling to Jambudvipa Island to become a surrogate shopper.

However, all is not what it seems. Due to the island's tax-free and visa-free policies, it has attracted the attention of many criminal syndicates who are looking to invest in the island to make an insane amount of money. 

A secret war between the gangs and the police is brewing. By accident, Tang Yin becomes embroiled in the crossfire, as well as meeting two different men who are on the opposite sides of the law: Jian Zi who is an amateur killer, and the handsome male police commissioner, Li Yong Ji.

In the midst of death, gang fights and black-market trades, will Tang Yin be able to pull through?

“My Amazing Boyfriend 2: Unforgettable Impression” is a romantic, science and contemporary fiction drama, produced by the Chinese production powerhouse Zhejiang Huace Film & TV.

It stars the international idol Thai actor-singer Mike Angelo and actress starlet Esther Yu Shu Xin from Youth. 

The show follows Tian Jingzhi (Yu Shu Xin) who accidentally awakens a genetically modified age-defying human, Xue Lingqiao.

However, Xue Lingqiao lost part of his memories as he was asleep for a hundred years. Throughout this ordeal, Lingqiao makes Jingzhi responsible for him until he regains his memories.

The show will start airing on 14 February 2019!

All the shows are available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines with English and Bahasa Indonesian subtitles, fulfilling Vidfish's aims to provide the latest Chinese shows for everyone.
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