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It’s time these creatures get their own horror-thriller movies

By Flora  /  21 Aug 2019 (Wednesday)

We’ve seen sharks, giant crocodiles, anacondas, wolfs and gorillas terrorising humans on the big screen, even the ancient megalodon had its limelight in the recent “The Meg”. While these animals and creatures are predators by nature, that makes us more vulnerable to them as compared to other animals like dogs. However, like horror films that decide not to play on supernatural elements, the psychological fear becomes more frightening because everyday objects/creatures - like a pigtailed doll named Annabelle - become the biggest enemy. 

So, we are rooting for these adorable creatures’ "big break".


I know what you’re thinking: giraffes are known to be docile animals; they are cute and they are herbivores, so they can’t ever harm humans, right? 


We love the tallest mammals in the world as much as you do, but do you know that these leggy animals can travel at 56km/hr? If you are on the same ground as them, you’ll probably get trampled on before you can say ‘chang jing lu” (giraffe in Mandarin).

Image Credit: Pinterest

Male giraffes can be aggressive when they engage in a ritualised display of dominance called ‘necking’. Imagine a storyline where humans were somehow dragged into their said ritual and let’s not forget the long and powerful necks which can undoubtedly deliver a serious blow. 


The colourful parrots are actually very intelligent birds that not only have the ability to talk and respond, but their social and interactive responses are also better and more developed than you think… sometimes, I’d like to call them scheming...

Just check out this video below 

The way parrots are able to imitate human voices and words so well are such a convenient plot to trick humans into believing that these birds are harmless, but in fact, have a whole revenge plot against humankind all planned out - starting from mimicking voices of their owners to lure their prey to get their way. 


Have frogs not made it to the silver screen after all these years? Well, they did, in 1972’s “Frogs”, directed by George McCowan. The film tells the story of an upper-class U.S. Southern family who was victimised by several animals as nature exacts its revenge on humankind, including, you guessed it, frogs.

Now, picture this: the African bullfrog staring back at you, waiting for your next move. The moment you move a muscle, it’ll come leaping onto you. Now make that a million bullfrogs.

Yep, you’re not going to survive a frog apocalypse. 

Giant Clams

You have definitely come across a scene on television when you’re younger about a giant clam trapping unsuspecting swimmings and swallow them whole. Perhaps it was from an episode from Popeye or Peter Pan, but in any case, wouldn’t you share the same sentiment that there could be a live-action movie featuring these sea creatures? 

If you are still a fan of monster-like thrillers, be sure to catch 47 Meters Down: Uncaged (29 Aug) and Underwater (30 Jan 2020).
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